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Greyson’s Birthday Interview

by nicole

How old are you? 3 (showing three fingers – we practiced this!)
What is your favourite colour? blue
What is your favourite animal? giraffe
What is your favourite book? Back Hoe Book
What is your favourite TV show? Max and Ruby and Ruby and Max (you have to see it to get why that is super cute)
What is your favourite movie? Wreck It Ralph (really the only movie he as watched start to finish)
What is your favourite song? Ghostbusters
What is your favourite food? pancakes
What is your favourite drink? milk
What is your favourite breakfast food? pancakes
What is your favourite snack? raspberries and blueberries
What is your favourite outfit? the monkey shirt (Curious George)
What is your favourite game? fishes
What is your favourite toy? helicopters
Who is your best friend? Will and Kevin (classmate and teacher at little school)
What is your favourite thing to do outside? ride bikes
What is your favourite holiday? Santa
What do you like to take to bed with you at night? my bear
Where is your favourite place to go? Marden (indoor soccer field)
What is your favourite restaurant? the crocodile one (Rainforest Cafe)
Where do you want to go on vacation? how about on a jet plane
What do you want to be when you grow up? a jet plane driver
What did you do on your birthday? I don’t know

When blowing out the candles on Greyson’s birthday cake I told him to make a wish and it would come true. So very quietly Greyson said “I wish that I can get some cake” LOL, it came true!!!

The sun

by nicole

Greyson: where is the sun now is it asleep outside the window?
Mama: no it is just on the other side of the earth we can’t see it now
Greyson: so it is asleep outside that window?
Mama: no it is just where we can’t see it – (followed by further explanation with my hands)
Greyson: so the sun is asleep.

Bath time conversations with Greyson

by nicole

Greyson: It splashed on top of the boards because of the angle.

Mama: Greyson do you have to poop (he made his poop face)
Greyson: nope I’m just making my bum muscles poop

Greyson: We are trying to make a bird bath
Dada: why?
Greyson: I’m all done talking
Greyson: but the wrecker couldn’t wreck the birds.
Greyson: so if the water sprays up
On the boards on an angle it will wreck the toilet
Mama: isn’t that a bad idea
Greyson: no it will wreck it

Visit to Joseph Schneider Haus

by nicole

We had a great visit to the historical Joseph Schneider Haus today. The tour guides were fantastic, they really made an effort to include Greyson in the tour. Greyson got to sit up on the bed, pretended to roast coffee, and touched some wool. But the funniest part was when Greyson moved wood from the wood shed to the house. He put the wood into the wheelbarrow, then we walked over to the house. The tour guide unloaded the wood onto the front step and then Greyson started taking the wood into the house. But along the way he developed a funny little ritual. Each log he would tap several times with a stick, then pick it up and carry it into the house.

20121219-210457.jpg 20121219-210513.jpg

20121219-210539.jpg 20121219-210547.jpg


Rhys is 8 Months Old!

by nicole

Today our Rhys turned 8 months old!  He is crawling everywhere, and pulling himself up on everything, especially things that are unstable.  Rhys loves eating, we have to feed him at each meal or he gets really annoyed with us.  He loves to laugh, Greyson is the funniest, of course.  Rhys is walking around using the green dragon.  He has five teeth, 2 on the top and 3 on the bottom.  Rhys still has blue eyes and his hair looks pretty blonde still.

DSC_0292 DSC_0293

DSC_0295 DSC_0305

DSC_0307 DSC_0308


First Christmas of the Year and Rhys VERY FIRST EVER!

by nicole

On Saturday we went to our first Christmas party of the year.  We went to see Nanny at her home.  Rhys had fun visiting with Grandma, he seemed to remember her from hanging out this past summer painting.  Rhys and Greyson were both very spoiled and Greyson enjoyed playing with Uncle Stephen’s feet under the table.

DSC_0212 DSC_0223

DSC_0234 DSC_0239

DSC_0248 DSC_0259


Holiday Greysonisms

by nicole

“Mama, I came over as soon as you called me. Santa would be so impressed”.

Mama: “Greyson is that how good boys behave?”
Greyson: “I want presents”

Dada: “you need to be a good boy”
Greyson: (very quickly) ” I’m a good boy!”

20121217-212349.jpg 20121217-212400.jpg

20121217-212419.jpg 20121217-212439.jpg

Our trip to the sunny south

by nicole

Just as our first snowfall finished we hopped on an airplane to Miami Florida. Greyson was super excited to go on a jet plane and it did not disappoint! Our flight attendant was so amazing, she really pampered Greyson and made it a special experience. He even got his flight wings and an airplane trading card from the pilot! After landing we went straight to our resort, a quick peek at the beach and then got some food.  There were regular helicopter tours along the shore so we saw lots of helicopters every day (and since helicopters are currently the coolest, that was a big hit). We had a late dinner and everyone was tired and ready for bed.

20121215-092622.jpg 20121215-092644.jpg

20121215-092710.jpg 20121215-092735.jpg

The next morning we went to South Beach. We saw the amazing Art Deco architecture and had a walk on the beach. Greyson played in the sand. The adults (minus me) had a coffee at News Cafe, one of the best places to get coffee in the city (everyone agreed!). It was fun seeing the cars cruising down the road.  Greyson really enjoyed seeing all of the motorbikes too, although I don’t think they were trying to impress Greyson specifically, LOL.  We stayed until the sun went down and saw the neon lights on the buildings in South Beach, amazing!

20121215-093021.jpg 20121215-093059.jpg

20121215-093112.jpg 20121215-093133.jpg

The next morning we packed up and headed south for Biscayne National park. We took a boat tour out to Boca Chita Island. It was great! Greyson wanted to play in the sand, so we just took his clothes off so everything didn’t get soaked (again). The beach was covered in white shell and coral, it was pristine and felt like an untouched part of such a highly populated area. We saw lots of lizards, herons and egrets there. There were tons of hermit crabs that would suddenly start to move around when we stood still.  We had a great Cuban dinner that evening.

20121215-093711.jpg 20121215-093724.jpg

20121215-093759.jpg 20121215-093842.jpg

Greyson developed a fever overnight and woke up not feeling like himself. He was goofing around for a bit in the morning, but then after some dancing curled up on the floor with a pillow. He fell asleep on the floor and had a long nap. Since he wasn’t up for too much excitement, we headed to an outlet mall where we could push him around in the stroller.

20121215-094047.jpg 20121215-094104.jpg

Back to his normal self and ready for action the next day we packed up the van for overnight and headed down to the Keys. We had planned several stops, but the babies were happily sleeping so we stayed on the road until we reached John Pennecamp State Park in Key Largo. It was beautiful! We had plans to take a glass bottom boat trip to see the reefs, but after hearing the waves were 3-5 feet high, we decided that none of us wanted to go that badly… instead we played on the beach with newly acquired monster trucks! The next stop was really special. Greyson has been talking about petting a dolphin since before we left for our trip so we had to make that happen. Sheri had suggested a non-profit dolphin behaviour research centre and we stopped there. Lucky boy he was able to pet the back of the dolphin, touch their flippers and since he asked the trainer very nicely she even let him show the dolphin his new monster truck. It was a very special moment for us! After that stop we made it all the way to Key West. We had planned to attend a sunset event oceanside, but missed it. Instead we had dinner and Justin and I wandered around with Tav and Rhys taking in the crazy night life.

20121215-094211.jpg 20121215-094221.jpg

20121215-094239.jpg 20121215-094251.jpg

20121215-094312.jpg 20121215-094334.jpg





The next morning we paced up again and after a quick tour around Key West headed back north. Sheri and I were on a mission to find a certain Key Lime pie we had read about (the best on the island). We thought we found it, but that place didn’t have Key Lime pie at all, lol. Our next stop was the one! It was amazing! We made a couple more small stops to pick up stuff and tried some conch fritters and mahi mahi (Greyson loved that!). The back to the resort for some quality time on the beach, before a very entertaining dinner…

20121215-094531.jpg 20121215-094556.jpg

20121215-094606.jpg 20121215-094620.jpg

20121215-094635.jpg 20121215-094733.jpg


Our last full day south we took care of Sheri’s favourite. We drove out to the Everglades and took an airboat tour. Greyson LOVED the airboat and we had a pretty fun ride, he kept turning around and pointing at the BIG FAN. We saw five alligators, three turtles, herons, purple something birds, orchids, sawgrass and after the boat tour we all got to hold a three year old alligator! I was OK with Greyson holding the alligator, I just got nervous when I was holding it and Greyson kept waving his little sausage fingers in front of the alligators face… the guide even had to ask him to hold back a bit! Then we had more quality time on the beach. Oh and a picture of me with some of my other babies we found in Miami :)

20121215-094842.jpg 20121215-094858.jpg

20121215-094911.jpg 20121215-094926.jpg


Tree! Lights!

by nicole

Justin and I remember so clearly Greyson coming down last year to see the lit Christmas tree and saying “Tree, Lights” this was just as he was really starting to talk. Well this year when Greyson came down Sunday morning to find the lit tree we heard a lot more!!! But he started with “look at the lights on the tree” :) After we were done he informed us we had “done a pretty good job”, thanks you’ll make a great manager some day, hahah. Rhys seems to think we are all insane, but he hung out to watch what we were up to pretty closely. The tree has been up for two days and he hasn’t tried to pull himself up on it yet… Here are some photos of the Detlor family Christmas tree being decorated.

20121126-210729.jpg 20121126-210749.jpg

20121126-210758.jpg 20121126-210812.jpg

20121126-210824.jpg 20121126-210832.jpg

20121126-210846.jpg 20121126-210901.jpg

20121126-210914.jpg 20121126-210922.jpg

Reptile Show

by nicole

I’m a little late posting this, but a little over a week ago Tav, Rhys and Greyson took Sheri and I to a reptile show! Greyson was lucky enough to be picked to wear the albino corn snake around his neck!!! Check out my brave little man!



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