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Around the house

by nicole

With our new phones we are CONSTANTLY snapping photos of the boys. Greyson is definitely starting to get sick of it… so since we’re taking so many, we will share them with you… and yes Rhys is pulling himself up on the crib… can you see his top teeth in the photo with him smiling?

20121126-204741.jpg 20121126-204816.jpg

20121126-204904.jpg 20121126-204936.jpg

20121126-204950.jpg 20121126-205032.jpg

20121126-205049.jpg 20121126-205101.jpg

20121126-205116.jpg 20121126-205125.jpg

20121126-205141.jpg 20121126-205215.jpg

20121126-205234.jpg 20121126-205253.jpg

Santa Parade!

by nicole

We went back to our home town on the weekend for the Santa Claus Parade. Greyson has gone every year since he was born and it is always a good time (and we get way more candy and treats than the parade in our town)! It was a day of winter clothes challenges, first Greyson tried to do “the flip” with Rhys’ snow suit, he looks like someone from the Grinch, LOL. Then Nana had some trouble with her hood that required some attention from Justin. Then we were all ready, appropriately bundled up for the parade to start. There were tractors and cows so Greyson was happy and we FINALLY had a good reaction to Santa (or is he just cold…??? nah, that’s pure excitement!).

20121126-203750.jpg 20121126-203810.jpg

20121126-203824.jpg 20121126-203843.jpg

20121126-203900.jpg 20121126-203911.jpg



A Subway Ride with a short stop at a Museum

by nicole

Greyson LOVES his vehicles. Since Friday was a PD day Popa decided to go with us to the Royal Ontario Museum. We drove down to Kipling Station and parked, first thing we saw was a huge train, it was a good start to the day. Then we went on the subway. We sat in the front car and Popa explained all of the signals to Greyson, he loved it. We got off at Spadina Station so Greyson could see the streetcars and then back on to Museum Station. We had a fun visit at the museum spending most of our time in the interactive area. I took Greyson there when he was a little over one with a friend and it was total different this time. He played with everything. We saw the animal display, the minerals and dinosaurs. After that another fun subway ride home.

20121125-181422.jpg 20121125-181443.jpg

20121125-181508.jpg 20121125-181529.jpg

20121125-181604.jpg 20121125-181619.jpg

20121125-181635.jpg 20121125-181659.jpg

20121125-181718.jpg 20121125-181732.jpg

20121125-181745.jpg 20121125-181800.jpg


More Fun at the Indoor Soccer Field

by nicole

We went with Popa to the indoor soccer field on Monday morning. Greyson had a lot of fun playing with the helicopter, parachute and soccer. When we got back Tav had some fun getting into a book, hahah.

20121120-213412.jpg 20121120-213434.jpg



20121120-213552.jpg 20121120-213559.jpg

20121120-213609.jpg 20121120-213638.jpg

Rhys is SEVEN months old

by nicole

Wow, how fast have the last seven months gone by! I can’t believe that Rhys is already seven months old. He is still a very happy guy. He is mobile and has earned himself the nickname “Danger Baby” by getting into everything and anything remotely dangerous in the room. He is eating lots of different foods, but definitely his favourite is peaches! He says lots of different words, but loves to yell Mamamamamama when he wants something (I wonder where he learned that one???). He has decided that he hates his high chair so we’ve moved him into the booster already, well strapped in it works and he’s up at the table with us. He bangs his hands on the table while he waits to be fed and I’m going to have to start three meals a day for him since he is a very hungry boy at dinner. He loves swimming and kicks and splashes the entire time he is in the pool (or tub). He thinks Greyson is hilarious and that Tavish is around so he can eat his feet. He loves putting his fingers into his Dada’s ears. He sometimes laughs spontaneously in the car, which is such a nice change from when he was first born when he cried all the time. He still naps well, and we’ll leave it at that for sleeping news, lol. He has only been sick once since being born. He likes to play with the farm and the zoo, especially pushing the buttons to make sounds. He also likes the baby apps I have for him on my iPad. Here he is told on his seven month birthday.

20121119-213519.jpg 20121119-213526.jpg

20121119-213536.jpg 20121119-213550.jpg


by nicole

We had a fun outing to the Santa Claus parade. Greyson LOVED the fire truck, and Santa was OK too :) Rhys fell asleep at the start of the parade but did wake up for Santa.


20121118-213603.jpg 20121118-213617.jpg

20121118-213632.jpg 20121118-213647.jpg

20121118-213658.jpg 20121118-213704.jpg

What have we been doing?

by nicole

We have been spending lots of time at the pool so I haven’t had many pictures to post… On Friday we went to the airport and Greyson wanted to push Rhys in the stroller, check out his face – oh the fun of being the 2nd born. Sheri and I took Rhys and Tav on an adventure over the weekend. We went to an art walk and then shopping! Rhys had his first sleep in a stroller. Greyson had a special day with Dada including going to his very first movie. He loved going to the movie theatre. We went to the park on Sunday enjoying the perfect weather.



20121112-203411.jpg 20121112-203430.jpg

20121112-203441.jpg 20121112-203455.jpg

20121112-203516.jpg 20121112-203534.jpg

20121112-203543.jpg 20121112-203550.jpg


by nicole

Here are some cute photos of Rhys and Tav trying to eat each others feet, among other things 😉

20121107-215508.jpg 20121107-215529.jpg

20121107-215546.jpg 20121107-215556.jpg

Remembrance Day

by nicole

We want Greyson to understand about important parts of our history, but it’s hard to explain some things to him at this age. Sheri and I decided to take all of the boys to McCrae house since we’re lucky enough to have that nearby. We read the poem In Flanders Fields outside at the memorial then headed inside. There was an amateur radio display with some people speaking to others around the world. One man was just talking to someone from Wales when we arrived. Which seemed fitting to us since my Nanny was evacuated to Wales during WWII. Unfortunately Greyson was running around a bit more than appropriate for the site so we had to leave, but came back after he promised to hold my hand and go slowly. After that we went to the civic museum for a longer visit in the children’s area.

20121106-170205.jpg 20121106-170217.jpg

20121106-170321.jpg 20121106-170330.jpg

20121106-170340.jpg 20121106-170353.jpg


by nicole

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