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Tracking his donut

by nicole

Auntie Sheri and Uncle Robbie bought Greyson a set of stacking donuts for his birthday.  You can see in this video how well he tracks the red donut as Papa shakes it for him.  It’s pretty amazing to see how much more muscle control he has in his neck already and that he’s that interested in watching the donut!  We’ve also noticed how much more he’s using his hands the last few days!


Playing with Papa

by nicole

Greyson spends most mornings playing with his Papa.  Here are a few pictures of them playing together and the typical result after mom convinces him he needs to sleep too :).


Greyson is Famous!!!

by nicole

We had a lot of support before and after Greyson’s birth and were so fortunate to have been connected with many wonderful people in the city of Guelph.  One especially is our lactation consultant Michele Sears.  She met with us at the hospital and at our home several times, ensuring that we had the best start possible breastfeeding.  She is truly passionate about breastfeeding and babies!  Anyone having a baby in Guelph and area I would strongly recommend connecting with Michele – her website is:  

Michele has recently updated her website and you may recognize the newborn on these pages and – it’s Greyson!

Comments enabled

by justin

We’ve decided now that the blog is up and running and seems to be working well, we’re enabling the ‘comments’ feature.  This means that for any posting, anyone can leave a comment by clicking on the ‘comments’ link at the bottom right of the post.  Or, if you click on the title of the post, you can enter your comment in the box below the posting.

There are spam features enabled that will hold comments for moderation if certain criteria are met, like too many links in the comment or specific keywords (there’s just never enough advertising for Cialis is there?).

Happy commenting!

Greyson is Talking

by nicole

Here’s a video of Greyson having a little chat with Justin while they’re playing.  Watch Greyson’s eyes closely, you can see when Justin blows his mind with how fun the game is!!!

Happy Birthday Daddy

by nicole

Justin is 30 years old today!  Happy Birthday Daddy, love Greyson :)


Greyson’s 5 week check up

by nicole

We went to visit our wonderful midwives today!  Big news is that Greyson is 11lbs 1oz!  So he has gained 1 lb 13 oz in about 17 days.  This is great growth, so the next time he grunts at me when I’m about to feed him I know for a fact that he’s not starving like he’d like me to believe :)  He did really well at this visit and didn’t even mind the cold stethoscope.  I think he recognized Martha and Aoife, even though he hasn’t seen them since he was a few days old, they were some of the first faces he saw so I’m sure they made an impression.  He even gave some smiles to the midwives.

The Faces of Greyson

by nicole

Greyson is always being described as a very expressive baby.  We had our first smile at a little over 4 weeks. 

Here are a few pictures to show you the many faces of Greyson. 




New Template

by justin


Just a quick post to say that we’ve changed the wordpress theme from the classic theme, to the chocotheme by .css{mayo}.  It’s great because wordpress makes it easy to import and change themes!

As for Greyson, he’s starting to make lots of fun noises!  He’s likes to make ‘cooing’ noises now when you tickle his sides and wiggle his legs!  We’ll try and post a video so everyone can see the funny sounds and faces. :)

Professional Photos – not so fun

by nicole

We took Greyson for some professional photos while he’s still a new born.  Although they look pretty cute, it was no easy task to get them!  I think we’ll wait until he’s a little older until we try that again :)

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