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Spring Flowers

by nicole

Here are some pictures from our walk today with Cliona and Papa.  We had a wander around Exhibition Park neighbourhood (dodging the various construction sites!).  Greyson enjoyed the fresh air :)




Papa Cam

by nicole

Here are some pictures of Papa playing with Greyson.  You can see Greyson is getting quite a grip and can hold his toys with some help!  Also here are a couple of videos of Greyson talking, one has a great sneeze too!


Posse In

by nicole

James and Chris are old friends from high school and with Justin make up the Posse.  Greyson was very excited to meet them both.  James is an uncle several times over so was pretty comfortable with Greyson, after some thought Chris took him for a bit too!  They both make great Posse Uncles :) 

Here is a picture of Greyson after the big visit, not sure why, but he was most comfortable sleeping like this.


Doors Open

by nicole

We had a great day yesterday with Auntie Sheri and Uncle Robbie going to Doors Open.  First we went to the Ignatius Jesuit Centre, where we toured the cloister and saw the property.  In the Jesuit Centre is St. Philopater Coptic Orthodox Church, where 75 families worship and are planning to build their own church for Christmas 2011.  There is a lovely story associated with this church.  There were 10 families who got together to start worshiping in the area, they didn’t have a space or a priest so they borrowed one on Saturdays and used a local church.  Over Easter one year, the pope in Egypt sent a priest so they could have their full Easter worship (which involves praying every day for several hours for a week).  The church they were borrowing opened their doors and shared their space with the Coptic worshipers including on Sunday when the parishioners of the church held their service in their basement, to allow the Coptic worshipers full access during their holy week.  Also, the pews that are in the Coptic Church have a great story too.  The pews came from the Islamic Society who converted an old church into a Mosque and didn’t need the benches. 

Our last stop (because we ran out of time) was The Frank Hasenfratz Centre of Excellence in Manufacturing, Linamar Corp.  It’s an interesting building with some testing facilities, shop, training and a huge atrium area.  They have a living wall and a cooling pond out front.

After all that, Greyson watched his first hockey game with his Uncle Robbie.  Since the game went into overtime, Greyson didn’t get to see the end, but he is on his way to learning all of the rules :)  He slept really, really well last night after such a busy day.  Here are a few pictures from the day.



The Art of Mothering

by nicole

I’ve been giving a lot of thought to the kind of mother I’d like to be.  I had a great example of mothering growing up (my mom!), so I feel like I have a good starting point.   I also have many wonderful moms as friends for examples (and I’m developing more and more of an appreciation for them all the time!).  Lots of things I read talk about the art of mothering or the art of breastfeeding and maybe this is what I’m struggling with.  There isn’t a lot of art in the person I’ve become.  I had some art at one time I think – singing, dancing, but now most of what I do is based pretty heavily on science, logic etc.  I found myself trying to figure out if I could model the WHO growth charts to see if I could predict Greyson’s height at 2 years, which would then predict his final height… does my math brain need some exercise or WHAT? 

I’ve decided that this can only be a good thing, growing or exercising a part of my brain I’ve been ignoring too much.  Here are some pictures of a smiley Greyson on Saturday morning playing with his Daddy!


Greyson’s New Swing

by nicole

Greyson loves to be outside and now that the weather is good, Justin picked up and assembled this new swing for us.  As you can see Greyson loves it already!  This post was written from the new swing!


Well that was no fun at all…

by nicole

We had our first dr appointment today – we haven’t seen her in ages since she was off on mat leave with her 2nd boy.  Between being weighed and measured, he had a HUGE poop, so Justin and I quickly got him cleaned up before the doctor came in – great timing Greyson!  Then he had his first round of immunizations.  I have to say I have never ever felt so bad for someone else, I almost cried watching him cry.  He had 3 injections (2 in one leg, one in the other) plus an oral vaccine.  We struggled a bit about if we should get the “extra” ones, but decided to do them all, we don’t want to have any regrets… 

Now for the stats, he’s 14 lbs 6 oz and 64.5 cm long (25 1/2″), his head circumference is 40 cm.  So compared to the growth charts he’s more than 95th percentile for height and weight and at 50th percentile for his head (does that mean he has a small head in relation to everything else???).  We have to go back in the middle of June now for the next round, not looking forward to that at all.

Here are some pictures of happier times.


Who does Greyson look like?

by nicole

Justin and I have a good laugh each time we go to visit family – they claim that Greyson looks just like Justin or I depending on which side of the family we’re visiting.  That is until this past Saturday when my sister Sheri said as soon as we walked in the door, wow, he really looks like Justin now.  I think that’s a good thing  (although I’m biased) Justin is a good looking guy, and I’m not so sure how cute a boy that looks like me would be 😉

Of course his bits and pieces have all been claimed as well, he has his papa’s feet and hands, my chin and looks like Great Uncle Jason and Great Aunt Mayla’s height, although it could be Great Grandad Bert’s or my dad’s or Auntie Sheri’s or Justins too…

Here are some pictures of Justin and I when we were small (not as small as Greyson, but as close as we had already scanned into the computer) so anyone can comment on who Greyson looks like.  I’ve included two of Justin since the quality of the first isn’t great,  I love the second picture too.


Greyson – 2 months old

by nicole

It’s amazing to see how much Greyson has changed over the past 2 months.  Here are pictures from Greyson’s first day in the world (top row) and on his 8 week birthday (in his birthday suit, bottom row).   ps. he did end up with an inny belly button!



The 4th Generation

by nicole

We are very fortunate that Greyson has five great grandparents.  Papa and I spent yesterday visiting two of his great grandmothers.  Nanny lives in a nursing home in Toronto.  The residents and nurses at the home are crazy about Greyson :)  We had a nice visit with Nanny.  Great Great Auntie Rosa in England even had a quick visit with him on MSN while she was talking with Nanny.  His Great Uncle Steve dropped by for a quick visit, although it wasn’t very long since Greyson decided he’d had enough of hanging out at the home.  Next he visisted with his Great Grandma, she had spent hours working on a beautiful crocheted blanket for Greyson which I’m certain he will love!  Johnny, Great Grandma’s dog was very, very excited to see Greyson, he was actually shaking! 

Here are a few pictures from yesterday and a short video of Great Grandma and Greyson.



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