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More Laughs

by nicole

Here’s a video of some more Greyson laughs featuring hilarious Daddy :)

Greyson’s First Motorcycle

by nicole

Have I mentioned that Greyson is spoiled?  His Auntie Sheri and Uncle Robbie bought him his first motorcycle this weekend!  It is supposed to be for a 3 year old, but Daddy assembled it right away and Greyson had his first ride with Daddy’s help.  It was too funny, as soon as Justin put him on, he put his feet up in the correct riding position. 


A bunch of photos

by nicole

Here are a bunch of photos of Greyson doing some of his new favourite things.  We’ve been reading to him since he was born, but recently he’s started to look very closely at the pictures and seems to be paying attention. He especially likes his new dinosaur book his Auntie Sheri and Uncle Robbie bought for him!  Greyson and his Nana D shared a big smile today.  Nana D took the family bassinette home with her today since Greyson is much too big for it now, he’s growing so fast!



First Dip in the Pool

by nicole

Greyson put his little feet in the pool for the first time today!  Papa held him so I could get lots of photos.  Greyson’s buddy Ethan was there too, he gave the pool a try as well.  Next time we’ll put him the whole way in, but the pool is just a little chilly yet for him!



Greyson and Xander Discuss the Crisis in the Gulf

by nicole

Greyson and I had a busy day yesterday.  We had lunch with an old friend Evelyn.  It was our first try at a restaurant and I think we did pretty well.  Evelyn held Greyson while I ate and he was very interested in our waitress who made him smile a lot!

Next we went for a hike with Xander and Janine.  Xander is already 9 months old and SO cute!  The boys were very interested in each other.  It was neat to see Xander eating his lunch, I’m looking forward to Greyson experimenting with food in a few more months.  Here are some pictures from our hike, photo credits go to Janine, I had not idea she was such a talented photographer!




by nicole

As of yesterday we hit a milestone of having over 1000 views on the website!  It’s nice to know that you’re still checking in on us and we’ll keep on posting!  Feel free to use the comments sections – make requests or point out my spelling mistakes.


by nicole

Greyson has been a busy boy learning lots everyday!  He can now roll from his back to his tummy.  Usually his arm gets caught and he hates being on his belly so he gets kind of upset until he gets rolled back over.  His grip is great too, he can reach out and grab most objects.  He’s also learned to put objects he holds in his hand into his mouth, which is good since he loves to chew on everything right now (especially his own hands or my knuckle). 

Greyson smiles at pretty much everyone he meets now as well.  Some people he finds especially fun and he laughs at them too – we’re not really sure why he laughs, but it’s funny.  His laugh makes us laugh too.  He’s still sleeping well at night and getting a little better about falling asleep for his naps during the day.  He’s very chatty and talks all the time, sometimes the volume gets really loud.

Victoria Day Hike

by nicole

Here are a few pictures of Daddy and Greyson out for a hike today.  It is a beautiful day and there were lots of people out on the trails.  There were also quite a few mosquitoes out too!


Sunny Fun

by nicole

We had a little impromptu 3 month birthday party for Greyson yesterday.  He hung out with his Aunties, Uncles, Nana and Papa.  Here are a few pictures from the day yesterday in the sunshine.  Greyson finds Auntie Tara and her sunglasses hilarious, he kept laughing at her!



Another Laugh

by nicole

Justin has figured out a new way to get Greyson to laugh… check out the video (caution this video could cause motion sickness, hahaha).

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