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Greyson is Swimming!

by nicole

Here are some pictures of Greyson in the “pool”.  It’s actually the hot tub, that Nana and Papa have turned the temperature down so it’s perfect for Greyson.  The real pool is still too cold for Greyson, hopefully he can try it out sometime this summer, but this really is an ideal situation where the temperature is maintained perfectly for him!  Papa just holds his head and because he has so much “junk in his trunk” he floats really, really well!  Greyson kicks his legs and splashes a little bit.  Aunties Sheri and Tara were life guarding :)


Greyson and Justin discuss Englands Chances at the World Cup

by nicole

This is new, in the last couple of days Greyson has started chatting.  He seems to be having a conversation with us, and using lots of new sounds like ba, ga and I think I heard ma (but maybe that’s just wishful thinking!).  It’s funny to watch is little jaw going with his chubby cheeks!  This is filmed in our room, so please ignore my laundry in the background!


by nicole

Today we made the long trip out to meet Charlie.  Charlie is the son of Justin’s old friend Dana (and they were best men at each others weddings).  Here are some pictures of Charlie and Greyson.  Charlie’s Mama Dina has an Italian background so he makes Greyson look really, really white!  Greyson slept for the entire drive home… who knows when he’ll want to go to bed after that marathon nap!  In the first picture it looks like Charlie is giving Greyson a little punch in his HUGE cheeks!  I didn’t get a picture, but Greyson was determined to get Charlie’s hand in his mouth…


Happy Birthday Nana!

by nicole

Nana has taught Greyson a lot of important things like rolling over and grabbing with his LEFT hand!  Have a wonderful day Nana, you deserve it!


Lots of Visiting

by nicole

Yesterday we hung out with Papa for most of the day and got passport photos taken for Greyson!  In the evening we visited with Aunt Erin.  Greyson was full of smiles all day long.  Aunt Erin thinks that Greyson looks like his dad, and I have to agree he does more and more every day.  Today we went for a visit to Nana D’s school.  He was very well behaved (phew!) and slept for most of the way home.  The teachers that know Justin all said that Greyson looks like him too, one said that he looks a lot like his Uncle Jameson.  Here are some cute pictures from Aunt Erin cam!


Soap Nuts Update

by nicole

I did my laundry with the soap nuts today. It seems clean to me, I did a smell test and everything seems to smell clean too. My clothes feel soft, although I used a fabric softener in the dryer so that was kind of cheating… I’ll try wearing something tomorrow and see if I have any sort of reaction. Then we’ll try Greyson’s clothes, we don’t use fabric softener on his clothes so that’ll be a really true test.

Happy Father’s Day!

by nicole

Today is Justin’s first Father’s Day and it’s my Dad’s first Papa’s Day too!  Happy Father’s Day to all of the Daddies out there!



Greyson’s Sense of Humour

by nicole

I’ve been noticing lately that Greyson has a definite sense of humour.  He doesn’t find too many “things” funny.  He’s only once laughed at a toy (although that was the first time he laughed with that funny belly laugh), but he is always laughing at people and the faces they make for him.  He also seems to find it funny to be swung around (pretty quickly too for maximum effect).  A good example is this morning we had breakfast with the M&M ladies, we didn’t bring any toys in with us and we didn’t need to, for entertainment he just laughed and laughed at everyone making faces for him.  I wonder if that is a predictor of some sort of future behaviour?  Here is another picture from his 4 month birthday yesterday :)

4 Month Check Up

by nicole

We’re back from Greyson’s 4 month check up.  Everything is good.  He’s now off the chart for both height and weight for his age.  He is 18 lbs 1 oz and 28 inches long.  He’s meeting all of his developmental milestones.  He did have four more vaccinations.  Three needles and one orally.  He definitely did not like the needles, but after about 30 seconds of crying he calmed right down and he seems just fine now (we even chanced a trip to the mall after!).  I think it was harder this time to hold him down for the needles since he has developed so much more of a relationship and trust with us, but at least he got over it quickly.


Four Months Old

by nicole

Today Greyson is four months old!  Hard to believe that four months have already gone by!  Here are pictures from each month on his birthday since he was born showing how he has changed.

               0 Month                                               1 Month                                             2 Months


                3 Months                                        4 Months


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