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Splash Park

by nicole

We had a visist with Ethan and Norah today and since it was SO hot we went to the splash park!  It was really fun!  Greyson put his feet in and although he didn’t love getting splashed he did like watching the other children playing.  We played with Norah and Ethan for a while after getting back to their house.  After that we went to Nana and Popas for a swim.  I went in the big pool which was nice and cool and Greyson went into the “warm tub” with Nana and Popa. 

Greyson did something new when we got home.  Justin came home from work while I was nursing Greyson and said hello to us both, then had to go do something in another room.  Greyson actually started crying and only stopped with Justin came back!  He’s noticed for a while when we come in and out of a room, but this is the first time he’s insisted that someone came back!  He must have really missed his Dad over the weekend!

Here are some pictures from today.



Moto GP Weekend

by nicole

Justin was away this weekend at Moto GP in Indianapolis.  This was his 30th birthday present and he went down with his friend Dana for the weekend to watch the races.  Greyson and I hung out at Nana and Popa’s house for most of the weekend.  Friday night we went to Rib Fest, which was fun!  We met Auntie Tara, Auntie Sheri, Uncle Robbie and Geoff there.  We stayed pretty late and got to bed kinda of late, but Greyson slept really well!  Saturday Nana and Popa worked on installing a new floor in Greyson’s room at their house.  Then Auntie Sheri and I went to see Ethan and Norah for a BBQ.  Sunday we went swimming twice, watched the Moto GP race and Popa finished up the floor (it looks really good!).  Here are some cute pictures of Greyson (Justin took the camera with him so we’re digging into the archive).


The teeth!

by nicole

I wanted to try to get a picture where you could actually see those little teeth now and I think I’ve finally captured one.  It’s the last of this set of three – you might have to click on it to see it bigger to see the teeth (actually maybe you can just see the one, but you get the idea).  We’ve had a busy few days, I had a denist appointment yesterday and we had some professional photos taken (not at the same place as last time, this was a MUCH better experience!).  Today Greyson had another appointment and now we’re hanging out enjoying Greyson’s good mood since that tooth came through!


Greyson and the butterflies

by nicole

Today we went to the butterfly conservatory nearby with Nana and Popa.  Greyson really enjoyed it, I was amazed by how much he noticed the butterflies and followed them.  Popa saved a butterfly from the path and let Greyson have a closer look (bottom two photos).  Notice his onsie it says “teething bites” which is how we’re all feeling now, that 2nd bottom tooth is finally through (Auntie Sheri bought this one when we were in Boston, I’m not sure if it’ll still fit by Halloween, which was the original thought, so we’ll get some wear out of it now!).




Busy Boy

by nicole

Here is a video of Greyson playing with the great toy Auntie Sheri and Uncle Robbie bought for him.  He loves pushing the red button over and over.

Check up at the doctor

by nicole

Greyson had his six month well baby check up at the doctor today.  Everything is great.  He is 20 lbs 5 oz and 29.5″ long.  He did not grow much or the last measurement was a little too generous :)  He did get the last of those immunizations and we were happy to hear that at his next appointment at nine months there are NO needles, hooray (although I hear the ones at 12 months are pretty terrible).  He seems fine already and just finished up some cereal.  Here are some pictures from Alberta that didn’t make it into the older posts.


Six Months Old

by nicole

Here are some pictures of our Greyson at six months old.  Some new things Greyson can do are: he can roll from his belly to his back (but only when he REALLY wants to), he can push up on his arms when on his belly, he can move his legs like he wants to crawl, he can hold himself up in a crawling position, but not for too long, he can sit up on his own now, no problem.  There is also a second tooth about to make an appearance. 


Success with Cereal

by nicole

We tried Greyson on brown rice cereal yesterday and today.  I think today more went into his belly than all over the place so that was definitely a move forward.  He isn’t making the funny faces he made with the carrots so we must be on to something :) 


Greyson is 6 months old

by nicole

I can’t even believe it, but Greyson is already 6 months old!  We had a busy day today so I didn’t get a chance to do our monthly photoshoot, I’ll make up for it tomorrow.  We did have a great visit with Greyson’s buddy Ethan, here are some adorable pictures of them!


More Carrots

by nicole

We have now made it through day 2 of the carrots.  He seemed slightly less disgusted today, but I can’t say that he’s gobbling the carrots up or anything.  We got 1 spoonful in and thought oh right a bib…  Here are a few cute pictures from today.


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