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Greyson Kisses

by nicole

It took me a little while to figure out what he was up to, but Greyson is definitely giving out kisses now.  So far I am the sole lucky recipient, they’re pretty juicy :) 

A new stroller and learning to share

by nicole

Nana and Popa bought a new toy for Greyson (and maybe for Popa too).  It’s a fancy new stroller with 3 wheels!  Popa demonstrates its use in the pictures below.  We had a visit with Ethan and Norah yesterday and everyone ended up in Greyson’s crib, he wasn’t too sure about it :)  Ethan was taking Greyson’s new mobile for a spin (he loved it!).




Downtown Baby

by nicole

Today Greyson and I went on a big adventure.  We drove down to Yorkdale and took the subway with Robin and Evan to Queen Street to do some shopping!  We (Robin and I) are really proud of ourselves, it was a big trip for us including taking the subway for the first time (for the boys, not us).  Accessibility was a bit of an issue, dragging strollers up and down stairs at Yorkdale, but we did it!  We had a great walk along Queen Street and had lunch.  As a side note, Yorkdale Mall has the most amazing family washroom with chairs to nurse, large stalls (more like rooms) even a little short toilet for toddlers, it is highly reccommended, our mall needs to make some major upgrades!  Sorry no pictures though, I thought I had my hands full enough without taking the camera along too, next time I’ll get some pics :)

The economy

by nicole

This video is very old (filmed in early June), but we couldn’t figure out how to encode it to post on the blog (by we read Justin, the only reason I can post anything is that I follow his instructions with precision).  It’s amazing to see the change in his “vocabulary” since this video was shot (compared to this one where he tells jokes is a good one).  Anyway, here it is, enjoy.

Hardest working baby in show business

by justin

So Nicole and I spent some time getting our iPods cleaned up and have been letting Nicole’s iPod touch play while we work in the kitchen or hang out in the living room.  Last night we were playing with Greyson and some James Brown came on and Greyson decided he wanted to dance (we’re a little sleep deprived right now with Greyson’s new sleep schedule, so we found Greyson busting a move hilarious).  Check out the fancy footwork in this video!  Greyson likes to throw in the odd kick to accent his funkyness!  We accidentally shot the video in portrait instead of landscape, so there was some fun playing with Virtualdub to rotate (and brighten) the video.  Enjoy!

Happy Birthday Uncle Robbie

by nicole

It’s not too surprising if you consider the genes that lead to Greyson’s hair that it’s pretty funny.  Lately there is this long hair on top that sticks up all the time – it’s too cute.  His little faux hawk, in the pictures in the top row you can see it pretty well.  We took Greyson for a walk today at the park.  There were lots of ducks, squirrels and other animals he likes to watch.  He did eventually fall asleep so Justin and I had a few quiet moments to hang out and watch the river.  After was Uncle Robbie’s birthday party!  We sometimes forget to censor ourselves in front of Greyson and so Popa had the perfect solution :)



Seven Months Old!

by nicole

It feels like Greyson just turned six months old and here we are already at seven months!  Here are a few pictures from today.  He’s trying really hard to crawl or walk either seems acceptable to him right now as long as he can move on his own.  He’s still trying new solids, pears and green beans have been big hits lately.  He’s also working hard at feeding himself, which he loves.  The sippy cup is still a work in progress and usually involves him having all of his clothes removed after dinner since he’s soaked.  Here are a few pictures from today and some showing his progress with crawling – he’s getting SO close!



Pincer Grip

by nicole

Here is the improvement in a just a few days with picking up the kamut puffs.

Finger Painting

by nicole

Greyson did some finger painting today.  It was lots of fun, he ended up painting his diaper too!  The last photo is of Greyson painting.  There are also a few more pictures from Popa cam.



Some Kamut Puffs and Tai Chi

by nicole

Here are some pictures from yesterday and today.  Greyson has a new high chair!  It’s nice to be able to roll him around so I can get the dishes done and make dinner (when did it start to make me happy to do dishes??).  The picture in his red tai chi outfit is from tai chi class today!  We’ve also included a video of Greyson eating his kamut puffs, he’s getting really good at picking them up on his own.  This one takes a little while, but he does get it in eventually.  Cool to see him switch from one hand to another.


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