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First Halloween

by nicole

Today was Greyson’s first Halloween.  Greyson’s Aunties LOVE Halloween so he did a little pumpkin carving with Auntie Sheri and Uncle Robbie, and Nana and Popa.  Then Aunt Tara came over all dressed up for Greyson, with Geoff dressed up too!  Greyson couldn’t stop starting at Aunt Tara, he knew there was something different about her, but couldn’t figure it all out (see pictures below or if you don’t know Tara she is definitely not blonde and some might say not too angelic either).  He then got dressed up in his gorilla costume and went trick-or-treating at the neighbours houses that we know and then went to his Auntie Erin and Uncle Jamie’s and to Auntie Sheri and Uncle Robbie’s house for more!  Auntie Sheri and Popa get the photo credits (you can tell that Auntie Sheri’s study and love of Ann Gedes photos is really starting pay off! ha!).





The new teeth!

by nicole

I finally managed to catch a photo of the two new top teeth (and yes that is his lunch in his eyebrow and some lingering in his mouth)!  And here is a new video playing the fun game of push the high chair away and pull it back.


The mothering skill of predicting the future

by nicole

As I was driving back from the doctor today I was thinking how good it was that we decided to go with the car seat that fits a baby up to 32″ and 32 lbs.  When we bought it we had no idea how long he would be, but it’s a good thing we went with that since he still fits (for a little while longer anyway).  It’s funny to think about all of the things we bought on speculation that have either worked out well or not so well.  Like the swing that we were told was a life saver (by several mommy friends), that Greyson refused to sleep in and would get mad when he started to drift off.  Our stroller has been great, happy we got the model with the shocks, we never realized how uneven the sidewalks in our neighbourhood were until we were walking a sleeping baby.  I love, love my Ergo baby carrier, wish I’d bought that earlier and the ring sling was good until he got too big for comfort.

Big Boy

by nicole

We had a visit with the doctor today to check on Greyson’s growth.  He is now 24 lbs!  He is doing very well developmentally meeting or exceeding the milestones for his age.  So good news all around :)  The first video is of his ticklish knees the other is of him crawling around (yes the ironing board was put away as soon as this clip was filmed!).

Greyson’s First Computer

by nicole

Greyson is always trying to press the buttons and work on our computers, so Nana and Popa bought him his very first laptop this weekend!  It plays music and has games and is Greyson friendly (under supervision)!  Here are some pictures of him trying it out and also in his shoes and hat for going out.



On Great Gran’s Rocking Horse

by nicole

Greyson took Great Gran’s rocking horse for a spin on Saturday.  His feet reached the bottom perfectly and he really liked the mane.  Grand Aunt Linda was in town visiting so Greyson had a chance to see her for the first time!



Just Standing Around

by nicole

Now that he is able to get around by crawling or scooting or his hybrid of both Greyson is set on figuring out how to walk.  He loves to walk around the edge of the basement going from couch to couch.  Here are some photos from yesterday of him just standing around.


Greyson is 8 months old

by nicole

Today is Greyson’s 8 month birthday, it is hard to believe 8 months ago we were staring at him while he slept in the hospital bassinet.  Justin noticed that his voice and vocabulary have changed while we were away.  He also has 2 new teeth!  Well one is 99% through, the other made it’s appearance in Newfoundland.  He has become quite a ham and loves to laugh.  Here are some pictures of a new face he started making just for his 8 month birthday. 


Newfoundland Adventure Days 5 & 6

by nicole

It was calling for a bit of a storm on Day 5 so we went out early to see the shore north of St. John’s and to a couple of beaches nearby.  It was SUPER windy so the waves were amazing!  Greyson found the rocks under his feet on the beach very interesting.  Sheri and I went to the mall with Marilyn that evening and we bought some new clothes for Greyson.  Auntie Sheri bought Greyson a new hat to match Popa’s (see the photos of Greyson with socks, diaper and hat – and that’s it).   

Day 6 we packed up and said our good-byes.  We had a wonderful visit with Uncle Steve and Marilyn, who are wonderful hosts (and Greyson’s honourary Newfoundland Poppy and Grandmama).  We had a great flight home, Greyson was SO good on the airplane again.  He was very happy to see his dada :)




Newfoundland Adventure Days 3 & 4

by nicole

Day 3 was drizzly so we took the opportunity to head to downtown St. John’s to have a look around.  Sheri was in true tourist form with her cute hat, backpack, guidebooks and my camera strung around her neck.  We did a little shopping (I got Greyson’s Christmas stocking – it is knit and SO cute!).  We had a great view of the harbour and headed back just as it started to rain for real.  In the afternoon we did a tour of the Quidi Vidi brewery, Charlie our tour guide was a good story teller, the samples of beer were good (iceberg beer!) and we’ll leave it at that.

Day 4 we had some visitors Marilyn and Steve’s grandchildren came over for a visit.  After their visit we took a drive in the beautiful sunshine to see some small fishing villages around the harbour.  Auntie Sheri kept saying, it looks like a post card everywhere!   It was cold, but not nearly as cold as Greyson’s outfit may make it seem :)






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