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Made it to the parade

by nicole

We went back home to the Santa Claus parade this weekend.  It was fun.  After Greyson finally woke up from his nap we met Nana D at the parade route.  It was COLD today so we had him all bundled up in his carseat to try to keep him the warmest.  Here are some pictures of the Greyson watching the parade and the floats.  His reaction to Santa was about the same as everything else…see the last picture.  The cool thing is that Justin attended this parade, many years ago, as his first Santa Claus parade too!




That’s Comedy?

by nicole

Here is a video of Greyson after dinner.  Justin was throwing Greyson’s favourite teething toy up and down letting it bounce on the table and that was hilarious (?).  It’s funny in the middle because he gets distracted by his top, then distracted again by Justin – his attention span is pretty funny too!  We never really know what he will find funny, on the weekend Justin was making Greyon’s little stuffed bear move around in the car and that was funny, but on the drive home he didn’t even crack a smile for the exact same thing, hahaha.  Although raspberries on his belly are ALWAYS funny!


by nicole

Greyson had his 9 month check up today and is now nearly 24.5 lbs and over 30″ long!  He is doing well meeting all of the milestones the doctor asks about.  He really seems to like the doctor, he loves it when she holds him and gives her lots of smiles (she has two little boys so he must be able to tell that she’s an expert!).

Greyson is now an omnivore.  We gave him some chicken on Sunday night, he didn’t really like it on it’s own, but mixed with sweet potatoes he’s a big fan (although I think he’d eat pretty much anything if I mixed it with sweet potatoes).  He’s been eating it up ever since then!  Here are some pictures showing his reaction to his first bite of chicken.


Almost the Santa Claus Parade

by nicole

We had planned to go to the Santa Claus parade today with Greyson but the timing wasn’t so great with his nap.  We headed out as soon as he was up, but after seeing streams of people heading away from the parade route, we realized we were too late…. We’ll try again next year.  Here are some cute pictures from Saturday night, including the outfit Greyson wore to the parade, he was really in the holiday spirit!



Revisiting Who Does Greyson Look Like?

by nicole

I thought we’d try another look comparing Greyson to Justin and I since he’s a little older now.  Below are some photos of the three of us, what do you think?  Who does he look most like now?  He definitely has Justin’s hands and feet – it’s pretty amazing to see how exactly the same they are!  He still has his little bum chin like mine, but Justin has one too so maybe he was going to get that no matter what!


9 months old

by nicole

Wow, Greyson is nine months old!  New this month for Greyson is the constant cruising, on everything and anything.  He can climb stairs (thanks for that one Nana), turns pages in his books, feeds himself lots of different finger foods and loves splashing in the bath.  He has a pretty regular nap schedule, 2 times a day.  Greyson really likes the swings and slides at the park.  Here is a series of pictures from birth to today showing how much he has changed plus a bottom row just from today!





Wall Cruising

by nicole

Greyson is no longer satisfied walking along surfaces he can reach so he has started cruising along the walls.  This made me pretty nervous at first but he’s pretty steady so now there is no where that he can’t walk to!  Here are some pictures of him cruising around the front hall.  He likes to cruise along the mirror since that other baby in the mirror usually comes along as well (yes that is squash in his eyebrows… I didn’t notice it until after I took the pictures).


Oh my brain…

by nicole

Justin bought me a new dresser for my birthday – I was in pretty desperate need since the one I’ve had since birth has seen better days. While sorting out my stuff to go into the new dresser I made a funny discovery… we’d been missing one of our cordless phones, Justin thinks since before Greyson was born, I think since just after, but regardless it has been gone for months. So there tucked in the back of the top drawer of my dresser, was the phone… I have no idea why I put it there… my poor brain.

Reading with Daddy

by nicole

Here is a picture from today along with a short video of Justin reading to Greyson.  The cool thing to watch for is that Greyson knows to turn the pages.  He doesn’t always give you long enough to finish reading the page (so you’ll see Justin keeping the book out of range until he’s ready for the next page, I have most of his books memorized so I don’t really need to see each page…).  Greyson also loves this book, he definitely shows a preference for some books over others.  His Nana and Popa gave him two books for Halloween, this one he loves and the giraffe counting book I rarely make it past number 11 (and it goes to 20!).  I think the difference is that the book they are reading in the video has actual photographs.  He often touches the page of the otter like he can feel the fur!

ps. good on the fly pronunciation of capybara – that was a new one for me too!

The Walker – fun!

by nicole

Just tried out the walker for the first time and Greyson LOVES it!  The video is a little shaky, I was trying to stay close enough to catch him if he went over and far enough away to actually capture him walking.  I’m surprised how steady he is using it.  He went back and forth many times, can you tell he likes it from that big grin?

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