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Daily Archives: November 1, 2010

Being enough

by nicole

The first time I heard the term “mother guilt” was at a La Leche League meeting not too long after Greyson was born.  I found the term interesting, but didn’t think much of it.  As we’ve continued along our parenting journey I’ve started to understand more and more what this means.  In my opinion there are two sources: internal and external.  The internal source is that nagging thought if you’re doing enough, if you’d been a little closer to catch a little tumble, if you’ve talked to him enough during the day to ensure good language development.  The external source comes from places like parenting magazines, friends, the nosy lady in the library.  The external source is somewhat possible to control, avoiding publications that don’t align with my parenting style, spending time with positive friends (those that have the same struggles or the good sense not to share how well their baby sleeps when you’ve been up every hour the night before), becoming a hermit so you don’t run into that lady in the library, hahaha.  But, that internal source, that’s a tricky one.  It helps to hear positive comments from family, friends and professionals around us (it feels really good to have the pediatrician say, it’s really great that you’re still breastfeeding).  I’ve decided that I too have some control over my mother guilt too, and by choosing a positive attitude I hope that will create a positive influence on Greyson at the same time.

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