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Daily Archives: November 12, 2010

The Walker – fun!

by nicole

Just tried out the walker for the first time and Greyson LOVES it!  The video is a little shaky, I was trying to stay close enough to catch him if he went over and far enough away to actually capture him walking.  I’m surprised how steady he is using it.  He went back and forth many times, can you tell he likes it from that big grin?

Cruising Around

by nicole

We’re going through another exciting adventure as Greyson cruises his way around the house (walking supported on pretty much anything he can reach).  His balance is getting pretty good and he can stand unsupported for quite some time!  I’m learning that babyproofing is not a singular act but a constant state of moving things as his reach grows and grows.  Here are a few pictures from yesterday morning, he is standing unsupported in the middle one and looking out the window in the first.  He loves buttons so Popa’s shirt was a big hit too.


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