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Daily Archives: December 5, 2010

Weekend Away

by nicole

We went up to Collingwood this weekend with Nana, Popa, Auntie Sheri and Uncle Robbie.  Even though I’ve gone away a few times with Greyson this was Justin’s first overnight trip with him too!  We had  a lot of fun – there is way more snow there than here and it was snowing the whole time we were there.  Greyson made his first snow angel after getting all dressed up in his snow pants, coat, hat, mitts, scarf (that he hated), boots (are we going to have to do this all winter???).  Here are a few pictures of where we stayed (with our view of the bay), Greyson’s handprints in the snow, playing with everyone outside, including getting distracted by the falling snow flakes and Uncle Robbie and Greyson in their matching outfits!





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