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Daily Archives: December 8, 2010

And he’s off!

by nicole

Tonight Greyson took his very first steps on his own.  He’s been standing balancing for a few days now and tonight he tried stepping on his own!  He took 2 or 3 steps a few times tonight!  Nana was over visiting so she was able to see it and Greyson waited for Daddy to get home too!  We tried to get a video of him walking, but everytime we tried he’d get spaghetti legs, so we’ll have to try again later :)  Here are a few pictures of him; the first is of the camera lens cap that was the motivation to walk (notice the soother, he thinks it’s cool to chew on them now, but you can tell he’s not a real soother baby since it’s upside down, that’s how he likes it), the second is of Greyson playing with the bins his toys are in (not the toys, always the bins) and finally of him looking pretty impressed with himself and Nana!


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