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Daily Archives: December 29, 2010

Christmas Cottage Adventure

by nicole

On boxing day we packed up and drove north to a cottage near Tobermory.  We are here with Popa, Nana, Auntie Sheri, Uncle Robbie, Aunt Tara and Geoffie and of course Fisher.  We arrived after dark so we didn’t get to see much on the first day, just had some dinner and got Geoffie’s new video game system set up.  On the second day we had a nice slow morning, we went into Tobermory to have a look around.  Everything is closed except the grocery store and the liquor store.  There were some men unloading white fish, which is pretty amazing considering how cold it is that they are still fishing.  There were lots of ducks in the harbour that Greyson enjoyed watching.  Then we went out to the lighthouse, it was beautiful with ice built up on the rocks and plants.  There was a beautiful sunset and everyone climbed up to the observation deck on the roof of the house to get an amazing view.  On the third day we went out hiking.  We are pretty close to Lake Huron so we hiked there, it was pretty windy so there were some huge waves!  Auntie Sheri and Uncle Robbie tried to start a fire, but it wasn’t ment to be – they’ll get it to work tonight.  Greyson has been practicing his walking a lot, he is comfortable walking along beside us now, just holding on to one hand.





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