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by nicole

Here are a couple of videos of Greyson.  The first is of him and his travelling musical act.  The second is him sharing his favourite snack with his Popa (the only one he’ll share his food with)!

A visit to Grandma and Nanny’s

by nicole

This weekend we went for a visit with Nanny and Grandma.  Here are some pictures of Greyson having a look in Grandma’s cupboards and playing with the lazy susan we all played with as children.


Then and Now

by nicole

Greyson has grown so much over the past year, but it’s hard to get a good idea of just how much.  We took these two pictures so we could really see the difference, it’s pretty amazing!



by nicole

Here is a short video that Justin took of Greyson dancing.  He loves turning on the music on his various toys.  Dancing typically consists of arm waving, rocking, head nodding or bum bouncing. 

11 Months Old

by nicole

Here were are 11 months old!  I know I say this every month but I can hardly believe it.  I remember people saying to me before he was born that the time would go so quickly, and has it ever!  Justin took some pictures of Greyson today, we were both saying how it’s hard to get pictures of him because he is always on the move.  He loves to walk around holding onto one of our fingers.  He just needs that tiny extra bit of balance.  He is becoming very steady on his feet, his record to date is over 15 steps in a row.  He’s become much slower and controlled when walking and he is very, very impressed with himself.  He is very interested in the vacuum cleaning robot Justin and I were given as a Christmas gift.  We spend a lot of time walking around the house and checking to be sure it is still on it’s dock (BTW, this is a great gift for parents of an infant, I was spending SO much time sweeping and vacuuming, now I just set it to go and we hang out somewhere else while it cleans the floors).  New this month is the development of a very strong independent streak – for example, I rarely get to feed him with a spoon, he insists on doing it himself.  I’ve been finding lots of ways to give him finger foods that aren’t too messy, and meal time has become a real adventure!  His language is really developing, he definitely has his own words for things.  Pointing is new this month too, he points at everything, lights, fans, what he wants to eat (which usually isn’t what I’m feeding him).  He still loves to play games and has started making up his own, he thinks it’s hilarious to chase his dad or put things under the couch and then find them there.  The many toys he was given at Christmas are all being put to good use, he really likes to play the piano – we often spend the morning playing to a marching beat, which starts to make mommy a little crazy after a while :) 


Oh funny Nana

by nicole

Here is a video of Greyson and Nana playing…


by nicole

Here are some pictures of Greyson showing off some of his skills.  There is the fast crawl, walking and the never ending pointing.  He now points and says “dat”, which I think means, what is/who is that?  He also points at the dog when we ask where the dog is, same for mouth, sometimes ear, mama, dada.  He has his own word for light, which he is always pointing at and wanting to switch on and off.  Greyson had his first day at school today with Popa.  They had fun!


Feeding Himself

by nicole

Greyson is really interested in helping me feed him and his favourite foods are those that he can feed to himself.  In a moment of adventure this morning I handed over the spoon of cereal… here is the result:


Greyson P. Looking for Work

by nicole

I was talking with Auntie Sheri today about what Greyson’s resume would look like – here is what I think…

Greyson P.

Work Experience

  • Farm Hand (December 2010 – present) – general labour, opening and closing gates, loading and unloading silo
  • Literary Critic (September 2010 present) – pointing out interesting pictures, closing the book if the plot is unsatisfactory
  • Quality Assurance (Furniture) (August 2010 – present) – expert at teeth test methodology on leather furniture
  • Food Critic (February 2010 – present) – specializing in rejecting new textures, expert breast milk sommelier



  • GPL Baby Basics Literary Program, specializing in Alice the Camel and If You’re Happy and You Know It
  • Green Dragon Tai Chi, emphasis on sleeping and banging toys on the floor
  • Basic Baby Sign Language, majoring in watching the signs but never using



  • pointing, gesturing, nodding and head shaking
  • pressing button on GloWorm repeatedly
  • stair climbing, cruising, fast scooting, some independent walking upon request
  • identifying pig, light and nose
  • being cute


References: Ethan and Norah, Evan

Christmas Cottage Adventure Part II

by nicole

The next day we went out to Singing Sands on Lake Huron.  It was super windy, yet Greyson managed to fall asleep on the long walk out to the water.  It was amazing to see all of the ice.  Auntie Sheri, Uncle Robbie, Daddy, Greyson and I went for a hike in the woods, which was much less windy and quite warm while Greyson continued his nap.  We went  for a walk around Tobermory again after and then Greyson had his first campfire that evening (well he slept for most of it, but he got the idea anyway).  The next day Daddy, Greyson and I went for a drive down to Dyer’s Bay (with a few side trips along the way, it’s surprising how much doesn’t get plowed in the winter!).  The ice was beautiful and we enjoyed listening to the waves crashing.  Greyson really liked to watch the water… he hates having anything on his head or hands, so it was a struggle with him everywhere we went to get a hat or hood or mittens on!  The next day we celebrated New Years and since Greyson wasn’t feeling 100% he was actually up to ring in the New Year, you can see Greyson a few minutes into the new year in the last picture.  We had a great trip and enjoyed sharing some of our favourite places with Greyson.






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