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Winter Toddler

by nicole

Popa took Greyson out for a walk in his full snowsuit today.  Up until today he has hated having his mittens, hood etc on, but today, it was all good!  Here are a few cute pictures of them out today.


12 Month Check Up

by nicole

Greyson had a visit with the doctor this week for his 12 month check up.  He is about 24.5 lbs and 32″ long.  So basically he’s the same weight as he was at 9 months, and has grown longer.  Since he’s walking all the time and very active it wasn’t really a surprise that he hasn’t gained any weight and the doctor wasn’t concerned.   He’s still at the 85th percentile for weight!  He is meeting all of his developmental milestones. He had his immunizations and didn’t cry at all.  The last few days have been a little challenging since he had a fever, possibly due to the immuniations or possibly due to a molar that is reallly trying to push through (we think it has retreated today since the lump on his gum is smaller, so still more time for that to come through). Luckily Popa and Nana were there to give Greyson lots of TLC when he wasn’t feeling well during the week.

Nana’s Scarf

by nicole

Nana comes by to see Greyson most mornings before she goes to work.  He loves playing with her and she always has something fun to play with!  These pictures are from Wednesday morning ( you can see Popa’s pink shirt for anti-bullying day).

Today we went down to the Outdoor Adventure show.  Greyson really enjoyed watching the kayak demo, seeing the people in the scuba tank (one of them took a picture of Greyson watching him!), the moose in the national parks display, the canoes and all of the people.  Auntie Sheri spoiled him and bought him a stuffed fox that he likes to kiss!  Nana and Popa got a backpack carrier for him so they can hike the Bruce Trail.  We used one when we visited the Browns in Alberta (remember when we hiked out to see the dino bones), so we know it works well!  This one is good up to 40 lbs so he still can grow a bit more!


Birthday Party Boy!

by nicole

Here are some pictures from Greyson’s birthday party yesterday.  He was maybe a little overwhelmed, but had lots of fun playing with the girls and Charlie!  He was a very spoiled little boy and was pretty interested in opening up his presents.  Greyson’s Nana, Great Grandma and Popa made his favourite book-themed cake (Baby Animals).  We’ve spent the morning playing with Thomas, Scout, hockey, his phones, the trucks and reading all of the new books!  Thank you to everyone who was able to join us and those that were here in spirit.  Our family is very fortunate to be surrounded by such love.



Greyson is ONE YEAR OLD!

by nicole

At this time last year, Justin and I were lying in the hospital staring our our brand new baby boy, totally amazed by this new little person.  This past year has been unbelievable.  We’re having a birthday party for Greyson tomorrow, so we’ll have more pictures to post then, but here are some from the big day today!  We took the wagon out for a spin for the first time today too, enjoying the warm weather.




by nicole

We took these videos last weekend.  Greyson is still monitoring the Roomba to make sure its still there.  Now though, when he sees the camera, we have to move a lot faster to keep his hands off of it!

Tiddlywink Test

by nicole

Greyson has a new quality control test for his food.  It all started with Nana, but now he tests everything before eating it.  Chick peas rarely get eaten…

On the move!

by nicole

Here’s a short video of Greyson on the move!  This video was shot first thing in the morning, just after Nana and Popa arrived.  Notice the small book on the handle of the middle drawer in the kitchen.  Greyson left his book there the night before!  Seems like a convenience place to store it :)

Greyson has mostly given up on crawling now.  He’s decided that this walking thing is much more efficient!

Playing Catch Up… not a fun new game

by nicole

First, I apologize for not posting much lately.  It has been a crazy week and a bit.  I am now back at work, having decided to take on a new position at a new company.  We are so very, very fortunate Greyson’s Popa has generously offered to give his time during his retirement and second career to take care of Greyson for us during the day.  As well Greyson’s Nana is with him before and after she goes to work, so he is getting all of the love and attention a little boy could want.  It makes it much easier for Justin and I knowing how well he is being cared for.  So, needless to say, things have been a little crazy around here.  Popa is in training to try posting on the blog, and I will try to get to it occasionally, but I’m not really sure what that will look like yet.

Here are some pictures of things we’ve been up to lately.  On the weekend of January 29th we went up to Collingwood to celebrate Popa’s birthday.  We had a beautiful suite (the Presidential suite, but we’re not sure if any Presidents have stayed there).  This weekend we had a visit with some old friends and Greyson made some new friends too!



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