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What Greyson is up to!

by nicole

Here are some pictures of Greyson doing Greyson things.  The Easter bunny brought Greyson a bubble making machine.  His Dada was showing Greyon in the kitchen (he did mop up the floor after).  Greyson loves to eat apples biting off pieces himself.  We had a great time outside today enjoying the sunshine!



Easter Sunday and a new stool

by nicole

Here are some pictures of Greyson on Easter Sunday morning having an Easter egg hunt when we first woke up!  There was cereal in his Easter eggs.  He got a new stool from Auntie Sheri and Uncle Robbie for Easter too!  On Monday Greyson went to Nana and Popa’s for the day and convinced Auntie Tara to have another Easter egg hunt with him AND he said the word EGG, then egg egg egg, hahah.


Easter Friday and Saturday

by nicole

Easter Friday Greyson had a visit with Ethan and Norah.  Since we’re both back at work, they haven’t seen it each for a while so it was really good get together.  The Easter bunny came early to our house so Norah lead the hunt!  After lunch we went to the park for some good quality swinging.  After a quick 2nd nap for the day we went over to Nana and Popa’s house for something really big!  Greyson had his first sleepover with Nana and Popa.  Auntie Tara and Geoffie dropped by to visit too!  Greyson had a great time with them and slept really well!  On Saturday monring Popa had arranged to take Greyson to a museum nearby for an easter egg hunt!  Greyson ate pancakes, coloured, had a little meeting with the Easter bunny and went in a fire truck!  After that he came home to see his mama and dada who had missed him very much.  Auntie Tara, Geoffie, Auntie Sheri and Uncle Robbie all came over to colour Easter eggs!  Greyson was spoiled with new clothes, a great new hat, a new bunny, some books and lots of other good things.  After dinner Greyson had an Easter egg hunt and we were all surprised by how well he has figured out the whole hunting thing!  He found all of the eggs and put them right in to the basket – it was really fun, so we did it twice!  He’s now fast asleep, tired out from all of the Easter egg hunting and entertaining he did today.






14 months old!

by nicole

Today Greyson turned 14 months old.  He’s learning lots of new things every day.  He does the actions for the Isty Bitsy Spider (sometimes), he walks his doggie around on his leash, he will point to his nose, eyes, ears, mouth, belly, hair, head (sometimes), he can identify mama, dada, popa, nana, Auntie Tara, Geoffie, Auntie Sheri and Robbie (sometimes), he can feed himself with a spoon (sometimes), he walks fast enough for it to be called running, he says mama, dada, banana, up, goal and a few others (sometimes), he’s down to one nap a day (sometimes), he has 12 teeth.  Mostly right now he likes to laugh and makes us laugh all the time!  Here are some pictures from today that Popa took and a video of Greyson playing hockey (make sure your sound is on)!



by nicole

Greyson loves playing hockey with his Dada.  It always involves excited shouting of GOAL everytime he gets the ball in the net.  Tonight he said GOAL – his first word outside of identifying people or food.  Here is a video – listen really closely at 11 seconds.

Spin Class

by justin

With Nana’s help Greyson figured out how to use his spinning seat/merry-go-round this morning!  It was a gift from Auntie Sheri and Uncle Rob and up until today he’s been apprehensive about how the contraption is supposed to work.  The video shows Greyson spinning on the merry-go-round for the first time!  There’s a bit of an adjustment in the middle of the video because Dada didn’t adjust the focus before he started shooting.

Who is who?

by nicole

Greyson is developing quite a vocabulary, but sometimes it’s funny to see how he responds to our questions – here is a good one:

The Funny Face

by nicole

Greyson is becoming quite a ham.  He likes to do things that make us laugh.  Here is a video of Greyson making his funny face to make Popa laugh.  It’s super cute and he does it all the time now!  He gets laughing so hard now that he’ll snort, which makes us laugh more so he snorts even more…

Greyson Using Markers

by nicole

Greyson thought it would be a good idea to draw with markers.   Now I know why crayons were created.   Good thing that markers for children are non-toxic.  After this I will stick to crayons. 


Rain won’t slow us down!

by nicole

We decided to go for a walk tonight, after getting Greyson all dressed it started to drizzle a little.  Since Greyson has a great rain coat and hat Auntie Tara bought him just after he was born we put that on and headed out anyway!  We walked over to the park and had a little swing (we put his hat down on the seat so he stayed nice and dry).  When it started to really come down we had a quick walk home!

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