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New Bowl

by nicole

Aunt Tara LOVES infomercials… she saw this bowl on TV (late one night no doubt) and when she saw it again in the mall, had to get one for Greyson.  He tested it out tonight and it works great.  It’s designed to prevent/reduce spills… pretty cool design.  It comes apart to clean easily.


Sharing and small engine repair

by nicole

Here are a few pictures of Greyson from the past couple of weeks.  Greyson likes to use our mop and broom to tidy up.  The mop handle collapses so it’s Greyson height!  The next pictures are of Greyson playing chalk outside.  Greyson likes to share with his toys, here are some pictures of him feeding and giving some milk to his bear.  He likes to fix things with his Dada too, his car needed a little work this morning so they did a little repair.





Father’s Day

by nicole

We had a fun Father’s Day today!  We started out going to a park in Cambridge.  Popa got to fly his kite – he’s had it for ages and finally had a chance to fly it!  Next we went back to Nana and Popa’s.  Greyson went swimming, Auntie Sheri spoiled him – check out the pictures!  He had his favourite snack while floating around on the air mattress.




Greyson is 16 months old

by nicole

Greyson is 16 months old.  He likes sitting on us when we’re lying down.  We went to see Great Gran and Great Grandpa to celebrate their 62nd anniversary.  Greyson met Tara’s cat Kyra… it didn’t go really well, I think he’ll end up being a dog person :)




by nicole

Greyson and I have had a busy weekend.  Justin is off on a motorcycle trip this weekend so I’ve been leaning on my family to help me out with Greyson and give me a little break here and there so I’m not exhausted going into work on Monday – as always they have been amazing.  On Saturday Greyson and I went down to Toronto to visit with Robin and Evan.  We haven’t seen each other since I’ve been back to work so it was great to see them!  Evan is a little speedy guy and is repeating everything he hears, too cute!  We’d planned to go for a walk downtown somewhere after taking the subway (for my little train enthusiast!), but the thunderstorm slowed those plans down.  Instead, we drove down to the ROM.  They have a great kids area we went to first.  Greyson liked the rubbings, magnets, tee pee and all of the fun toys.  We then took a wander around the museum and had a good look at the displays (well, a quick look anyway). 

Sunday we took Thomas out for a spin.  Then we went to the Milton Renassiance festival.  It was fun.  We saw a magic act, some birds of prey, the start of a joust (until Greyson got bored and hungry), some vendors where Greyson swong a sword around more than Popa or Aunt Tara expected.  We went back to Nana and Popa’s and Greyson and Popa went for a swim.  Yes, you will see in the pictures he has on a lot of gear, but it was very sunny and we want him to get used to the life jacket so Popa can take him fishing.  Here are some pictures of our fun!  There are a couple of shots of him jumping in to the pool with Popa. 





Using a spoon!

by nicole

Greyson is doing really well feeding himself with a spoon.  A good friend of mine said to me when Greyson was little – you can always tell the parents that don’t like their kids to get messy since they are the ones that can’t feed themselves at 18 months… Well I don’t really like to get messy but it doesn’t bother me so much when Greyson does, either way our solution has been for him to eat with his shirt off most of the time.  Here is a video of his spoon use skills – he’s getting pretty good, and won’t be one of those kids whose parents are afraid for them to get messy :)


by nicole

Greyson is saying lots of words, and loves the fact that we’re finally starting to understand what he wants.  One of his many ways of communicating his needs right now is through signing.  I started baby sign language with him around 6 months and honestly gave up because he didn’t seem interested.  Then a few months ago my dad said, I think he was signing “more” to me today – and sure enough he was.  He does more, milk, drink, wait and a few more of his own invention.  More is definitely his favourite, he asks for more food (obviously), more bouncing, more tickles, more raspberries, you get the idea.  Here are some pictures of his main signs – more, down, wait.


A delivery from Tidmouth Sheds

by nicole

Here are some pictures from today.  The first ones are of Greyson feeding himself yogurt while Popa made dinner for all of us!  This kept Greyson very busy and as you can see, pretty messy.  The next pictures are of Greyson playing with Popa.  The last pictures are of Greyson helping Dada assemble his delivery from Tidmouth yards!  Once we get it charged up Greyson will be able to drive and steer it.  I’m sure we’ll have some more pictures of that shortly!




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