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A park by the ocean Days 5 and 6

by nicole

After all of the rain we took Greyson to the park on the morning on Day five.  The swings were good, but the slide was SO good, it was worth about 50 or so slides!  He also liked the arched bridge that he walked right over like a big boy!  We went back to a visit to the beach, but since it was very windy Greyson didn’t get a chance to go back in the water, but he really enjoyed feeling the sand between his toes.  We stopped at a lighthouse on the drive down to Corner Brook.  Greyson liked the fox fur in the lighthouse display and put his cheek on the fur.  He enjoyed walking around the lighthouse. 




Back in the Ocean – Days 3 and 4

by nicole

We started Day three by driving down to Norris Point.  There is a university research centre and a great marine exhibit there.  The highlight was definitely the touch tank.  Greyson touched a sea star, slimy sea snail, little snails and we saw a scallop up close!  They also had some great displays and really great tour guides.  After that we took a little walk to the dock and Greyson was quickly back in the water (after carrying a fairly large rock down with us).  The series of photos of Greyson and his Dada on the bench are to show how much more Greyson is communicating now.  You can see that he is listening closely to his dada and then contributing as well.  After that we went to the Discovery Centre at Woody Point, Greyson loved opening and closing the display doors and if one wouldn’t open would repeat over and over key, key, key key.  After that we drove through the Tablelands and then back up to our new home for the night in Cow Head.  The morning of day four brought some expected rain.  It wasn’ too heavy in the morning so we packed up our rain coats and went to Shallow Bay to a really great beach!  After loosing his shorts Greyson was quite happy to play in the water in his rain coat, diaper and t-shirt!  We don’t have any pictures of this since it was too drizzly to have the camera out.  Once the rain stopped we went to a botanical walk in Cow Head, that was lovely.  Greyson loved smelling the flowers. Thank goodness for the broom in the cabin, once Greyson got bored of us, it was the best toy around.  The last two pictures show our work on getting Greyson to smile for the camera, sometimes more sucessfully than others :)








A Boy and the Ocean – Days 1 and 2

by nicole

We are back!  We had a great trip, it was definitely much more than we’d expected.  We’ll put up a few posts to cover the whole trip, so here are days 1 and 2.

We arrived in Deer Lake, Newfoundland and started driving north toward Rocky Harbour for our stay in Gros Morne.  We checked out the ocean as soon as we arrived.  Greyson was in the water in about two seconds, throwing rocks and wading around.  Day two we were off to the Gros Morne Wildlife museum.  After that we went out to Western Brook Pond, first we hiked out then took the boat tour.  It was amazing, so beautiful.  Greyson kept saying “boat, boat”.  We saw our first moose – a bull on the shore while on the boat.  On the hike back we saw another moose, just hanging out at the side of the trail (in the picture below, look closely).  Greyson finally fell asleep on the hike back (after some dada help) and so we hung out for a bit after the hike to let him have a good sleep.  Greyson had his favourite for dinner that night, cod bites!





Greyson is 18 months old!

by nicole

Nana and Popa took lots of photos of Greyson today on his 18 month birthday!  He had a fun day playing with his Nana, Popa and Aunt Tara.  He especially enjoyed dancing with Aunt Tara and Nana.




For Kim and Courtney

by nicole

Life has been a little overwhelming lately – but we can always find some time for a few pictures of Greyson!  Here are some of him trimming the bushes in front of the house (we’re not sure what the spoon is for…or where he saw that).   Next is a picture of Greyson in Dada’s shoes doing some repairs to our front hall mirror.  Last is Greyson and Dada enjoying some Yo Gabba Gabba.  We’re heading out on an adventure on Saturday so will have lots to share when we’re back a week later!



At the museum

by nicole

Greyson has been having such a fun summer hanging out with his Auntie Tara and Popa.  Now that Nana is home, he couldn’t be more entertained during the day!  Every day this week he was very happy and tired when we got home.  They have been all over the place together, the river, the park, the market and even finding Aunt Tara’s wedding dress (well not really, but he went along for the ride!).  Here are a few pictures from their day at the museum!


Bon Voyage Grandma, Welcome home Nana

by nicole

Nana is back from China!  Greyson was very excited to see her this morning.  We went to see Grandma before she leaves for Alberta this week. Here are some pictures of them exploring Grandma’s backyard today.



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