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Daily Archives: August 29, 2011

Back in the Ocean – Days 3 and 4

by nicole

We started Day three by driving down to Norris Point.  There is a university research centre and a great marine exhibit there.  The highlight was definitely the touch tank.  Greyson touched a sea star, slimy sea snail, little snails and we saw a scallop up close!  They also had some great displays and really great tour guides.  After that we took a little walk to the dock and Greyson was quickly back in the water (after carrying a fairly large rock down with us).  The series of photos of Greyson and his Dada on the bench are to show how much more Greyson is communicating now.  You can see that he is listening closely to his dada and then contributing as well.  After that we went to the Discovery Centre at Woody Point, Greyson loved opening and closing the display doors and if one wouldn’t open would repeat over and over key, key, key key.  After that we drove through the Tablelands and then back up to our new home for the night in Cow Head.  The morning of day four brought some expected rain.  It wasn’ too heavy in the morning so we packed up our rain coats and went to Shallow Bay to a really great beach!  After loosing his shorts Greyson was quite happy to play in the water in his rain coat, diaper and t-shirt!  We don’t have any pictures of this since it was too drizzly to have the camera out.  Once the rain stopped we went to a botanical walk in Cow Head, that was lovely.  Greyson loved smelling the flowers. Thank goodness for the broom in the cabin, once Greyson got bored of us, it was the best toy around.  The last two pictures show our work on getting Greyson to smile for the camera, sometimes more sucessfully than others :)








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