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Humming – hilarious

by nicole

Here is a video of Greyson realizing that he can hum and finding it hilarious!  He starts playing with his new big wheel car (he’s saying car – in case it’s not clear), then sticking his bum into the camera.


Playing at the park

by nicole

We took some cute pictures of Greyson at the park on Thursday night.  We loves hanging, swinging and going down the slide.  There is a slide at his school so he’s really good at the stairs and getting himself down. 



Here is a video of Greyson doing some chin ups!  I love how he grunts each time too funny!  Dada was really the one getting a work out!

Greyson is 19 months old

by nicole

Here is a collection of photos over the past few weeks of our Greyson who is now 19 months old!




A bouncing toddler

by nicole

Greyson LOVES playing with his Nana, Popa and Auntie Tara, this video is a perfect example of why.  He spent 2 hours one day doing this.  Check out those muscles!


Day 7 Bugs and Trains

by nicole

We went to a great park in Cornerbrook with a swimming area right on the river.  It was a little chilly, but so fun!  We went to the historical train display and saw the Newfie Rocket!  Greyson loved the trains.  Up in Deer Lake we went to the Insectarium, Greyson touched a hissing cockroach, walking stick bug and a snake!  He also saw lots of butterflies.  There was one on a leaf in front of us and when a second one landed he said “two”!  After that we had our last seafood dinner (Greyson loves cod and halibut!) and had a great flight home early the next morning (Greyson didn’t sleep a wink, and we had a lovely man next to us).





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