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Aunt Tara’s Bridal Shower

by nicole

We had a Halloween bridal shower for Tara this weekend.  It was lots of fun – Greyson was playing with the ladies!  He loved all of the attention.  Here are a few pictures of him enjoying the party.



by nicole

Greyson is learning his letters with a fun toy Auntie Sheri and Uncle Robbie bought for him.  He knows a few letters already.  Here is a video showing his new skills :)  There is a little pause in the middle to take care of some business.  We did have a pee on the potty last night, so we are getting somewhere on that front as well!


Playing with Popa

by nicole

Here is video of Greyson climbing through his tunnel – he loves this.  He puts his cars and trains through the tunnel too. 

Birthdays and Visiting

by nicole

It’s been too long since our last post.  We’ve all had a terrible cold that doesn’t seem to ever be going away… but enough of that.  We’re really far behind our pictures.  The first one is of Greyson and Aunt Tara at the park at my birthday!  Greyson loved swinging, especially since Auntie Sheri and Uncle Robbie were swinging right next to him!  Greyson is really good at blowing out candles after getting to practice on Uncle Robbbie’s, then Mama’s and then Aunt Tara’s cakes!  The next picture is of Ethan and Greyson!  It’s hard to believe how much they’ve grown up, they’re such little boys now.  Next is Greyson at Nana D’s house today.  He found that gorilla right away and carried it around the house!  It is almost as big as him.  Greyson loves to count now too, there was ONE gorilla, not sure why his belly was part of this!  Last is a picture of Greyson with his safety goggles on this morning, safety first!




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