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A bicycle ride and snow!

by nicole

Greyson LOVES the snow.  The first morning he saw snow he was pretty surprised, then after we told him it was snow, he kept shouting SNOW!  Popa and Greyson made a snowman and played outside.  Yesterday with some fresh snow Greyson kept asking if he could touch the snow, then telling me it was cold.  Last weekend Greyson saw his bicycle that his Great Grandma bought him in the garage.  Justin installed the training wheels and Greyson took it for a spin.  He’s not quite strong enough to push the pedals yet and it needs a little work on the chain, but he loved it.  His balance is amazing too!  The only thing that worries me is that he kept saying motorbike… Dada may be a bit of an influence there!  Justin got a gift box from his work and after emptying it out, Greyson wanted in the box, then he started hamming it up!  There was a very cool model truck in the box that Greyson was very excited about.



Christmas Parade

by nicole

We went to the Christmas parade downtown.  Greyson loved it!  He was pointing at the big trucks (and yelling BIG TRUCK!), waving at the people on the floats, clapping with the bands and being generally unimpressed when the Santa float finally came!  He went to the parade in our home town the next weekend and is still talking about Santa and Jeep.  He kept telling Justin that the trucks and tractors had new tires – too funny!


Christmas Tree

by nicole

Greyson woke up on Saturday went down stairs and was very excited to see “TREE – LIGHTS!”.  Greyson did a great job helping us put decorations on the Christmas tree!  Here are a few pictures, including the last one of him watching Dada put the angel on top!



Dancing and Goggles

by nicole

Here is a video of Greyson listening to his favourite song – Justin and I hear it in our sleep.  He loves to dance and has figured out Youtube enough to be able to replay over and over…

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