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by nicole

A friend of ours did this further analysis comparing the boys.

Greyson                                        Rhys
– Thursday’s Child                        – Thursday’s   Child
– born 18th                                  – born 19th (G plus 1)
– Feb 2010                                   –   April 2012 (G +2 years, +2 months)
– 10:37am                                     – 10:31am (G minus 6)
2+18+2010=2030=5                      4+19+2012=2035=10 (Gx2, reduces to 1)
energy, adaptability, curiosity          courage, self-reliance, leadership
                          Associated with tarot   cards:
5: Hierophant/High Priest        10: Wheel   of Fortune, and 1: Magician
Each born in the last 2-3 hours of his sign:
– Aquarius, cusp of Pisces         –   Aries, cusp of Taurus
(Sun entered Pisces 13:36 EST)   (Sun entered Taurus 12:13pm   EDT)
– born about 4 days after new moon    -born 2 days before the new moon (again, getting a jump on Greyson?)
– G = 7th   letter                             –   R=18th letter (8-1=7… okay, more than a bit of a stretch…)

For Carolyn

by nicole

We are starting to learn about our new normal including how much there is to learn even if we’ve already done this once!  Rhys is a hungry guy, he’s already starting gaining weight!  I’m including a little comparison chart between the two boys inspired by Carolyn’s request to see side by side photos of the newborns.  Also – Rhys is pronounced like Reese (the peanut butter cups).  It’s Welsh meaning enthusiastic (or ardent).

Greyson – blue eyes   Rhys – dark grey eyes

Greyson – blonde/brown hair   Rhys – blonde/brown hair

Greyson – 9 lbs 2 oz    Rhys – 7 lbs 6 oz

Greyson – 22 inches long   Rhys – 20 inches long

Greyosn – 15 days late   Rhys – 13 days late

Here are side by side photos first Rhys, then Greyson as a new born.  You can definitely see the 2 extra pounds that Greyson weighed in those cheeks!  Next row is a couple of pictures to try to show Rhys’ eye colour, they’re a little close, so maybe not super flattering…



Midwifery Care

by nicole

We had our 2nd at home follow up visit with the midwives today.  Carol has been on call since Rhys was born so it’s been nice to have her continuous care (she’ll be back on Tuesday).  Isabel is our other midwife, who cared for us with Greyson as well – but just due to timing wasn’t at either birth!  Today we did the heel prick test to check for various complications – it’s nice to be able to do that at home after Rhys is a little bigger and settled rather than doing it immediately at the hospital.  We took some pictures of Carol weighing Rhys.  It’s a cool system that all of the midwives use!  Good news is that he’s lost very little weight so all is well with feeding and growing!  I also included a picture of Greyson and Rhys – they’re doing really well getting to know each other.  Greyson is very gentle and is quite happy to tell me “that baby needs num nums” when Rhys cries.



Rhys Meets Happy Apple

by nicole

We’ve had a wild 24 hours as Rhys was cluster feeding so we were pretty busy… things have settled out a bit and with some help from Nana Popa we survived the day (Greyson woke up at 5:30 am and Justin and I knew we needed some backup!).  We pulled out Happy Apple for Rhys to see – he likes it, just like Greyson did!  Also, I’m including a picture of Greyson in Rhys’ carseat, hard to believe he used to fit in there at all!


And he’s here!

by nicole

On basically the same timeline as Greyson our little Rhys Harrison Detlor arrived yesterday April 19th – 13 days after his “guess date”.  His birth weight was 7 lbs 6 oz and 20 cm long.  He was born at 10:31 am at Guelph General Hospital caught by our wonderful midwife Carol.

I’ll write his birth story in another post, but it was VERY different from Greyson.  We were able to come home from the hospital 7 hours after he was born and enjoyed our first night as a family in our own space.  Our midwives, the nursing staff and the OBs at Guelph General were amazing.  We are so fortunate to have all of these wonderful people supporting us.  Today Popa came by to help us out with Greyson, giving Justin a chance to get a bit of sleep while I tried to fill up the tummy of a very hungry Rhys.

His birth date happens to be the same day as my maternal grandfather Wilfred Harris’ birthday and he would have been 90 years old yesterday.


Greyson’s Song

by nicole

Nana filmed this the other morning.  Greyson is singing a song that he made up himself (a skill he has learned well from him Uncle Robbie).  He’s saying I think “You give money and cash, you give money and cash, you give ME money and cash”.  The lyrics change toward the end to “something… Hot, hot, hot” like the song that always gets played at weddings, and is a favourite for Greyson.  On the weekends Greyson will often bust in the bathroom while Justin is having a shower and ask him for cash – to which Justin always replys that he doesn’t have his pants on, which satisfies Greyson for about 2 minutes before he goes back to ask for more cash…

Yes, he is jumping on the bed.  We’ve set this up for the new baby and I, so it’ll be interesting to see when the baby comes how Greyson feels about sharing that space…



by nicole

As we’re getting ready to welcome “new baby” I thought we should get back to posting some photos.  Greyson had a great Easter weekend.  He had dinner with the Nana D family on Friday, took a ride on a city bus on Saturday with Mama and Dada (and went to the candy store downtown!) and Sunday had dinner with the more family.  Here are a few pictures from Easter egg hunting on Sunday morning.



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