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Long Weekend

by nicole

We’re enjoying the great weather this long weekend.  Saturday Popa came over and finished up a construction project – we’re very lucky to have a Popa to do this for us!  Now Greyson can hang up his own coat and has somewhere to put his shoes and hat so we’re not searching around for them all the time.  There is a picture below of the finished project, this is right behind our front door.   Sunday we went to Riverside Park with Norah and Ethan for our first ride on the train!!!  We had a fun picnic and enjoyed the warm weather.




Rhys is One Month Old!

by nicole

I can’t believe we’re posting this already!  Rhys is one month old.  He’s already so different, he looks around alot, tracks objects we put in front of him, coos, eats like a champ and moves around his arms and legs a lot.  Here are some photos from his birthday.


Magazine Cover

by nicole

Our very creative friend Cliona put these together – enjoy :)


Mothers Day, Underpants and a Growing Infant

by nicole

We had a great Mother’s Day.  Somehow (and I really have no idea how) Justin managed to let me sleep in until 8 am (2 hours all by myself!) and make waffles for me to have breakfast in bed!!!  It was amazing!  Then Greyson and Justin went to the grocery story to buy dinner.  After nap, we had a professional photographer come to take new born photos of Rhys.  It was a great experience (same photographer as Tara’s wedding), the husband wrangled Greyson while the wife posed Rhys.  We’re waiting on the photos, we’re really excited to see how they turned out.  Monday afternoon Greyson surprised us all by announcing that he was going up to use his potty, he then decided to wear underpants and not a diaper for the rest of the day.  He made it to bedtime without any accidents!  He’s shown no interest since then (expect his nightly pee before bed in the potty).  Tuesday we had our 4 week midwife appointment.  Rhys gained one pound in two weeks!  That’s over an ounce a day.  He’s now 8 lbs 9 oz!  Here are some photos.




A backhoe!

by nicole

We’re all doing OK – still settling into the chaos of having a newborn in the house.  Rhys had a couple of rough nights, I think just a change in his digestive system made for a long night, but he seems more settled now.  Greyson is back at school a couple of days a week.  He told us that he missed his teachers and we can see how much he is learning and growing there so we’ll keep him going.  We had a big treat for Greyson this week, his very own backhoe!  It drives, the lights flash and it sounds like it’s starting when he turns the key.  He loves it!  He has been busy every night this week helping Dada in the garden.  Also, construction of a new house has started just down from Nana and Popa’s so he has already spent quite a bit of time with us standing out on the street watching the excavator.  I think I know where we’ll be hanging out a lot this summer!  What a treat for a construction crazy little boy.  Rhys is becoming much more aware of his environment, looking around more and looking at us.  We’ve had a couple of good car rides so I’m hopeful for the future :)




Great Grandma’s 85th Birthday Party

by nicole

Greyson and Rhys were excited to celebrate Great Grandma’s 85th birthday on Sunday.  It was also Rhys’ first chance to meet some members of our extended family.  Greyson had a great time playing with Valerie – who he now thinks should always be at Nana and Popa’s house although he does seem satisfied that she has to go to big girl school and we’ll go to visit her again soon.  Rhys also took some time to give Uncle Robbie some baby tips since he will soon be a Dada too.




New Pictures

by nicole

We’re learning all about Rhys and is he ever different from Greyson!  He loves to be swaddled and wrapped up in blankets (he’s never really that warm, even with this warm weather he’s still not overly hot).  Rhys isn’t a fan of his car seat so we try not to go too far, it’s not fun for any of us (although we had a good drive to Little Gym today in Popa’s car, not so good coming home).

At the same time they have lots in common including BOTH having a double crown – poor boys will be fighting that with every hair cut they get!  They both are good weight gainers (Rhys’ last appointment confirmed he’d gained 5 oz in a week – gold star performance from the midwives!).

Here are a bunch of pictures of our boys :)  Rhy’s umbilical cord stump fell off on Thursday – this made me sad with Greyson and with Rhys too, although his soon to be belly button looks much cuter now!  The middle ones show the sweater my friend Rhonda made for Rhys – it’s a cool design to allow for skin to skin or to avoid being spit up on (she even spun the wool) and the blanket that she wove in the last photo! The last two are from Auntie Tara cam.




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