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A Perfect Day

by nicole

I think if we asked Greyson to describe a perfect day, it would have been today.  We headed up to our friend Rhonda and Chris’ place this morning.  Chris promised Greyson a ride in his backhoe a little while ago and Greyson was ready to collect :)  He started out playing with the girls, who are of course, super fun.  Evelyn is close to the same age so they had an instant connection, Josie was so good with him, teching him lots of new things and Madelyn being the oldest over saw the action.  They went outside and played in their house, Greyson sat on the riding lawnmower, then we had a snack from the garden.  Then Greyson got to ride the backhoe with Uncle Chris.  All of the girls went in as well and Greyson got to drive!!!!  They went for a long ride in to the forest and everything!  After that we had lunch with homemade strawberry sorbet (Greyson loved it!) and homemade marshmallows (can you tell this is a foodie friend??).  After that some “Move It Move It” (Greyson’s favourite song) dance party with the girls.  After all of that it was time to head home with Greyson falling fast asleep before we made it to the highway.  It was so fun seeing Greyson play with the girls that I have enjoyed watching grow up to fantastic little ladies.  Here are some pictures and a video, that by no means captured how very, very excited Greyson was about all of this.  Rhys slept through most of it, but did have a chance to be held by the girls, I know he’ll enjoy playing with them soon enough.





Engineering Babies

by nicole

Currently there are five women that I attended university with on materinty leave!  The distance between us slows us down from getting together too often, but this week our northern friend was nearby so we all met up.  Now, there is still a pretty big gap, so Antje and I ended up driving the 1.5 hours together.  We’re so glad we did, it was great to have the support and help along the drive and it went really well.  We had a great visit and lunch.  The older babies were born October (Ella), November (Kurtis), December (Malcolm) so were all sitting up hanging out, sharing toys.  Rhys and Alicia are both April babies and the second born for us (the rest are all first born).  It’s cool to see the kind of mothers my friends have become, somewhat granola, but with that fact-based engineering view of everything.  Here are some pictures of the gang!



The Beach

by nicole

We had a great day yesterday taking all of the boys to the beach.  Of course Popa had the ultimate set up so we were in complete luxury.  We were there basically alone too which was really nice.  Greyson went in the water until he started to shiver and enjoyed picking up and throwing rocks with Popa.  Rhys and Tav passed out shortly after arriving and really enjoyed napping in the fresh air.  We had a little rain shower while we were there and all six of us hid out under the tent, it was tight, but really fun!  I think we’ll be going back to the beach again soon!




The Boys!

by nicole

We finally had a chance to snap some photos of the three boys when they were all awake at the same time.  Baby Tavish is now almost 6 weeks old and does Greyson ever love having a cousin.  He is very good with Tav and tries to help when he can.  His Aunt Sheri is very patient with Greyson too :)  Rhys loves seeing Tavish and Tavish loves seeing Greyson and Rhys.  We’re all just imagining them as teenagers… oh my…




Morning Routine

by nicole

We’re far from any sort of routine in our house, but the past few mornings after getting Rhys undressed to change his diaper Greyson has decided to join him :)  Here are some pictures of our babies in the morning.  Greyson is doing really well in the pool, already standing and sitting on the bottom step.  We’ve realized that if he stood on the bottom he would be able to touch with head above the water, but he doesn’t seem too interested yet – soon enough though.



Almost Summer weekends

by nicole

So I’m quickly learning that having two little people at home means very little time for writing this blog… sorry for being less than active lately.  We have been keeping busy though!

We went to the multicultural festival to see Popa demonstrate with his Kung Fu group and Nana’s class got an award too!  It was pretty hot both days.  Greyson liked the food tent and had quite a few treats.  Rhys liked the shade there (SO HOT!) and got to lay out on the picnic table and have me blow on his belly :)

Last weekend we went to Uncle Jamesons works 50th anniversary.  It was fun.  Greyson got to ride in an Argo – which he told me was “pretty bumpy” but Justin said was so bumpy Greyson nearly fell out a couple of times!  Rhys and I opted out – although he did have an excellent nap in his sling.  We had a factory tour that Greyson enjoyed for some parts and some lunch.  It’s a cool place and nice to understand what Jamie really does (and see the equipment he uses).

We also went to The Museum and saw the new dinosaur display.  It was very cool, but Greyson has decided that he “does not like dinosaurs”, I think maybe they were a little scary.  He did like the robotic one that he could control.  We spent most of our time in the bubble room and at the water table our always favourites.  Rhys and I enjoyed the nursing corner on the second floor and he loved watching the bubbles float up the tubes, he watched that for a really long time.

We’re looking forward to a busy and fun summer!



Rhys is 2 months old!

by nicole

Wow, already two months have gone by!  It’s seems like time is passing so quickly.  Rhys is doing very well.  He’s a very smiley guy.  He loves to eat, play on his mat and he LOVES his big brother.  I brought Rhys in to see Greyson who was in the bath and Rhys got the biggest smile on his face, it was so cute!  They really enjoy playing together.  Rhys is very strong and likes to stand up for relatively long periods of time with some balancing help.  He holds his head up well and actually enjoys tummy time!  He has very bright eyes and is constantly looking at the other people in the room.

We had our first family doctor appointment today.  Rhys is 12 lbs 5.5 oz and just over 23″ long.  That makes him at the 50 percentile for weight and 90th for length.  I think he just had a growth spurt so don’t think he’ll stay at the 90th for length and I have to say it’s really nice to have an “average” weight baby after lugging Greyson around, LOL!  Everything else with him is great.



The Sprinkler

by nicole

So probably the most fun part of being a parent is rediscovering all of the fun stuff you did as a kid.  On one of the recent hot days we’ve had Justin dragged out our sprinkler and Greyson had a great time playing in it.  That has now become a staple activity around here!  We also built a fort at Nana and Popa’s house, it’s pretty cool!

We’ve had lots of visits and visitors lately.  Nana D’s friend Valerie came for a visit, so did Uncle Jameson.  We all had our farthest trip yet to visit with Aunt Theresa, Uncle Dave, Mike, Andrew and Valerie.  Greyson had SO much fun!  He was given his very own lawnmower (so spoiled) and spent the whole time we were there mowing the lawn with his cousins (who are so good with him, he really does love playing with them).  The boys were great in the car on the way down and back.  Rhys has finally decided that his car seat is a good place to sleep – unless he has a wet diaper, then we have to pull over and change him.  Rhys has lots of smiles for us and even had his first laugh a couple of weeks ago.  He is looking around all the time now and will move his head and strain his neck if he really wants to see something.  He moves his head from side to side and can support it for short times now.  Rhys also likes to be held up so he can stand, he grunts for the whole time he is standing (like he’s lifting weights) and then his legs collapse under him.

We had our final midwife appointment on Tuesday.  Rhys weighs 9 lbs 12.5 oz and is 21″ long now!  I am sad to no longer have the midwives as part of our care.  They are amazing and we are so fortunate to have had such wonderful relationship with them.





Rhys’ Birth Story

by nicole

Here is the story of our second birth.  After waiting for 12 days past our “guess date” we went to the hosptial on Wednesday April 18th for the start of induction of labour.  We were monitored for a few hours and then went home to sleep with plans to come back the next day.  Overnight I had some cramping and used the breathing techniques we learned in hypnobirthing to get a fairly good night sleep.  When we got up at 6:30 am to get ready to head back in the hospital I had to stop when the surges came to catch my breath.  We got to the hospital by 8 am and then waited in the pre-triage area for about 45 minutes.  Justin started timing my surges in case anyone asked they were about 50-60 sec and about 2.5 minutes apart… finally I was in labour!  We went to triage and were monitored again and assessed by the OB.  I used the rainbow relaxation CD from our hypnobirthing class to drown out the sounds of the triage area, it was peaceful.  We were far enough along to be admitted.  Our midwife Carol was in the hospital at a meeting so my plan was to continue to labour in our room and once we’d established we were progressing head home and deliver the baby there – good plan, but I should know better than trying to make a plan.  The OB came in and suggested that they could break my water to get things moving along.  I hesitated because I was managing the surges OK but thought if they were much closer together it would be hard to manage.  I actually went to the bathroom to have a minute alone (well with Justin) and decided if it would help ensure that I didn’t need pitocin for this birth I’d do it.  My water was broken at 10:07 am and we were left with me hooked up to the monitoring machines (again, ugh!).  My surges were very different after my water was broken.  They were stronger and basically one on top of another.  I couldn’t catch my breath since there were no breaks between them.  After about 15 minutes of this I told Justin I couldn’t do this and I needed some help with the pain.  Justin called the nurses station and our labour and delivery nurse came to the room.  She introduced herself and started palpitating the baby – I remember pushing her hand away – I didn’t want to be touched at all.  She said she’d need to get me set up on an IV and started getting that ready.  Suddenly I felt that I couldn’t lay down anymore, I got up, still hooked up to the monitor and started heading for the bathroom, between the three of us, we got me unhooked before I pulled the wires out of something.  At this point I didn’t want to be in such a big room and need to get off my back.  After sitting on the toilet for a few minutes (just as somewhere to sit) I started to feel really shaky and then had an intense urge to push.  I said this to the labour and delivery nurse (who at this point must have thought I was a HUGE drama queen – it had literally only been 15 minutes from having my water broken and less than 30 from being admitted!).  She said OK, please don’t push, come to the bed and I’ll assess you.  I did as she asked and she said – OK, you’re 9 cm, don’t push… and disappeared.  I now know she went out in the hall to get anyone else to help since the baby was coming and in a hurry!  Amazingly, moments after this my midwife Carol came from her meeting to see how things were going… I remember the nurse saying, “she’s 9 cm you can check” and Carol saying “that’s fine I believe you” as they all rushed around.  Once Carol was ready to catch our baby she checked me and said “I see a head” and told me that I could push when I wanted.  After feeling more like I was releasing, rather than pushing, Rhys was born at 10:31 am.  I didn’t really understand what had happened until I opened my eyes and saw Justin with tears in his.  Carol put Rhys directly on to me and I was able to hold him right away.  Justin cut the umbilical cord after it stopped pulsing.  Rhys and I tried feeding within about 30 minutes of him being born and he didn’t leave us for a moment.  We checked out of the hospital at 5:30pm to have our first night at home as a family.  The nurses joked that we’d just come there to use their linens, which I guess was true in the end.  Carol told me later that one of the nurses described Rhys’ birth as one of the most gentle she’d ever seen.

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