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Some Rhys Movies

by nicole

Here are some movies of Rhys being his smiley self :)  The first one is hilarious Auntie Sheri singing (with a cold) – if you are not familiar with this song check it out on YouTube (while you’re at it – search for Hamster on a Piano, that is a classic in our house, but be warned it will be stuck in your head all day).  The second is at the splash pad, Rhys loved the water!



Water Babies

by nicole

We have a new morning routine of heading outside (usually before 8am) so Greyson can do some lawning.  This involves all of his outdoor tools and the backhoe!  On Wednesday we visited with Auntie Theresa and Valerie (Greyson pronounces Val-a-lee, too cute).  They had a great visit and were introduced to Tav.



Saturday we went to the farmers market in the morning and met Auntie Erin and Abby, then headed over to the new splash pad downtown and met up with Uncle Jameson too.  The splash pad is great!  Greyson loved it, it’s huge and the fountains go off randomly.  Here are some photos including one of Greyson “sleeping” at the splash pad.  That’s his new favourite game, pretending to be asleep.



Sunday we went to the splash pad near our house.  It as pretty much empty so Greyson had the run of the place!  Rhys even enjoyed splashing.



Rhys Smiles

by nicole

Rhys is a smiley guy, but we haven’t really caught that on the camera until this weekend.  Here are some great Rhys smiles :)





Our Parenting Experiment

by nicole

Justin and I talk all the time about how Greyson is our parenting experiment.  We do our best to set up some sort of plan, but it rarely works out how we expect.  Getting Greyson to sleep has always been an issue.  The little guy just doesn’t want to sleep, ever, no matter what.  So I was kind of excited by the idea that we might be able to cut out his afternoon nap, which is a battle, always.  Saturday, no nap, no problem, Sunday, same thing.  Then today, no nap and some excitement going to the lolly pop store (aka Costco) today with his Aunties, Tav, Nana and Popa.  The result can be seen in his dinner time display of just how tired he is…

He insisted on sitting on Justin’s knee to eat and since it was one of his favourites (noodles and white cheese (aka parmesan)) he wasn’t going to leave the table.  He perked up after this and had some quality water table time, followed by a bike ride with Justin before a very, very fast bed time (yep, it’s before 9pm and both boys are asleep again).

Rhys in Motion

by nicole

Here are a couple of videos of Rhys.  He is good at grabbing objects now, is still a very smiley guy and loves playing with his Dada:)


This and That

by nicole

The boys are both asleep in bed and it’s not even 9 pm!!!  So what have we been doing??? Laundry, tidying up and getting caught up downloading photos off of the camera.  Here are a few that we thought would be nice to share.

Here are Rhys and Greyson playing in their first fort.  Rhys loves having a blanket suspended over him, he gets a huge smile on his face.


Here is Rhys in the family basinette.  Justin’s father, Justin, Greyson and now Rhys have all had a turn in this basinette.  Rhys is pretty much too big for it now, but it still provides a good spot for him to hang out when I need to pop into the washroom.

Here’s a fun moment in parenting… what do you do when your very tired newborn falls asleep on top of a dirty diaper while walking across the room to get a new diaper?  I grabbed a towel and hoped for the best :)

Here are some cute face photos of Tav and Rhys – you can tell they are cousins.  Doesn’t Tav look just like Sheri???  And our Greyson using his new train plate sent from his Aunt, Uncle and cousin in Alberta – he loves eating from it and drinking out of the cup!



Tribal Fusion Pre-schooler

by nicole

Greyson, Rhys and I spent the week at Nana and Popa’s house last week since Justin was out of town for work.  Greyson and Rhys had a great time hanging out with everyone.  Greyson went swimming in the hot tub or pool pretty much as soon as he woke up every day.  He had a great time playing with his Aunties, Uncles and Nana and Popa.  Here is a video of Greyson with his newest favourite, a little tribal fusion/belly dancing with Auntie Tara and Nana.


A busy weekend

by nicole

We had a lot planned for last weekend.  Saturday we had a visit with Marc and Deena including a trip to the park for a ride on the train and carousel.  On Sunday we went to visit with Great Grandpa.  It was Rhys’ first chance to meet his Great Grandpa, they had a fun visit.  After that we headed down to Mississauga to go for a swim and BBQ at a friends house.  It was lots of fun and with the good influence of a friends little girl Greyson was being much more brave in the pool, jumping in and everything!  The last picture shows how long Greyson is napping on my dad.





More Greysonisms

by nicole

On finding a dead fly on the floor “that fly needs new batteries”
After biting his tounge “my teeth bit my tounge”
While waiting for me to fill a bath toy up with water “Mama – I’m being patient”

When paying the bill at breakfast in a restaurant “here is some cash for you Uncle Robbie”

New Friends from Arkansas

by nicole

A friend of ours from Arkansas is up visiting family now and we had a great visit together.  She has three adorable kids and Greyson really enjoyed playing with them.  We all met up at Nana and Popas so everyone could go swimming.  My mom and dad were so great and took the bigger kids in the pool so Ambre and I could get caught up.  Greyson really enjoyed playing with Owen and Addyson.  Ethan and Rhys spent some quality time together too.  Ethan is just starting to walk and after seeing him Rhys is much more interested in standing and was even moving his feet with Justin today.  After the kids swam, they headed up the hill to Greysons house.  They were all happy to play up there together, everyone took turns cutting the grass, weed wacking and making tea.  Then lunch and some time on the bikes and trikes we had craft/music/dancing/jumping time in the basement.  Greyson had a great nap after all of that.  We met up again on Friday at the splash park, but I forgot my camera so no photos of that, but they had a great time.  Greyson loves laying on his belly in the middle of the little pond.  I know Greyson has a friend for life after seeing him and Owen jumping off of a big rock together.  Hopefully their friendship will be as great as Ambre and I :)





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