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What’s in a name?

by nicole

Both of our boys have names that were chosen carefully to honour important people in our lives.  Here are the stories:

Greyson Perry

Greyson – We wanted a name that would honour my dad (Gordon), so decided we wanted a name that started with G.  As luck would have it, the name we picked actually starts and ends the same as my dad’s name.  Greyson means “son of a grey haired man”.

Perry – Justin’s father’s first name was Perry.  It was our plan from before we had children the first born would have Perry as a middle name.

Rhys Harrison

Rhys – We struggled a bit finding a boys name.  We had a list of 5 or 6 that we liked, but while I was pregnant Justin’s Granny passed away.  Her last name was Roblin and so we decided that we would go with Rhys in her honour (both starting with an R).  Later, Nana D pointed out that both Justin’s Granny and his Nana had the middle name Ruth – again keeping that R.  We also liked Rhys because it is Welsh, on our honeymoon we went to Wales and fell in love with the people there who were so friendly.  The reason we travelled to Wales was because my Nanny was evacuated there during WWII and I always wanted to see the town Pontypridd where she stayed and spoke so fondly.  Rhys means enthusiastic and we hope he is enthusiastic about life.

Harrison – We chose this name to honour my mom whose maiden name is Harris.  Then, Rhys was actually born on what would have been my Grandfather Wilfred Harris’ 90th birthday so it has developed an even greater signficance.

Railway Outing

by nicole

Today we went to a nearby railway exhibit.  As luck would have it Nana D gave Greyson a train hat on the weekend so he was ready to go!  We met up with Norah, Ethan and Leanne and went in.  Since Popa has operated most of the “historic” trains we had a personal tour guide.  We had a ride on a Peter Witt streetcar and looked in a bunch of subway and streetcars.  Greyson and Norah liked ringing the crossing bell.  Greyson had a chance to have an ice cream on the streetcar line, but chose a freezie instead?!?  But, after seeing Popa’s Tiger Tail ice cream, ate most of that, and then part of Auntie Sheri’s Maple Walnut.





A trip to the safari

by nicole

We decided to go on an overnight trip to Niagara to a safari that Popa found.  We started out with Nana buying Greyson a safari hat.  She showed him a nice brown one, but Greyson went right for the pink one, so that’s the one he wore.  He was a little unsure about the animals at first but warmed up when his Aunts started pointing out all of the animals in the Madagascar video (and singing Move it Move it).


The highlight (for me) was the giraffes.  We were able to feed them and they’d become quite friendly.  The larger male giraffe wrapped his tongue around our hands and made a little pocket so we could drop the safari approved treats right into the pocket in his tongue.  Sheri and I had a chance to learn all of this while Greyson rode the trolley with Popa and Aunt Tara so when they got back we were ready.  Greyson was having none of feeding the giraffe at first, but after seeing all of us do it Greyson agreed to feed the giraffe out of his hat.  The giraffe wasn’t really into that, so he finally did it with Aunt Tara’s hand behind his.  You can see in the bottom picture, the giraffes tounge wrapped around his little hand.  Too funny.  Note: giraffe tongues are rough, kind of like a cats


After all of that excitement, we were all feeling pretty tired.  Greyson rode in Tav’s car seat in the wagon to the next trolley stop.  Then we all squished into one car and Greyson had a funny ride back with his Aunts.  He was oddly excited to see camels along the way – maybe we’ve sung Alice the Camel one to many times??


We ordered in Indian food for dinner not having the energy to go out.  Everything was super spicy, luckily, Greyson really liked the samosas so we had something to feed him.  The next morning the boys enjoyed some time playing in the hotel beds together.  Rhys and Tav have started grabbing each other when we put them next to each other.  This time was cute, they’re holding hands!!!


After breakfast it was time to head out to see the falls.  We parked up a bit so Greyson could see Lundy’s Lane.  Here are a few pictures of his reactions – it’s like nothing else he’s ever seen and does that ever show on his face…


As we were getting closer to the falls Greyson suddenly got really excited.  He was doing an excited dance on Popa’s shoulders and pointing at….. a really big water fountain.  Yes, it’s a nice fountain, but we’re beside one of the natural wonders of the world…


So then, Greyson reaction to the falls….

Pretty much indifference, yep, a big river and some falls, now can we go back to the water fountain.  So we headed back that way…



4 month check up

by nicole

Rhys was at the doctor for his four month check up. His stats are: 16 lbs 8.5 oz and 26.25″ long. Since my doctor was super late (we didn’t get out of the office for 1.25 hours!!) she didn’t go over the growth charts, but based on what I found on the WHO website that makes Rhys at almost the 75th percentile for weight (so no longer at the 50th… boo) and around about the 90th for length (same as at 2 months). Everything else looks good. Big thanks to Auntie Tara for joining me for the appointment, she helped with the holding of the hands during the vaccinations and especially kept me company for the long, long wait.

Rhys is Four Months Old (and a birthday party!)

by nicole

Today our Rhys turned four months old.  I can’t believe how quickly the last four months have gone by.  It seems like just yesterday we were wating and waiting and waiting for him to arrive!  Here are some photos of our lovely smiley boy.  Recently Rhys has started “talking” in our family it’s tough to get a word in sometimes, but he definitely manages.  He rolls with intention on to his belly (usually to get something to chew on).  I was pretty sure he had a tooth coming in last week, but it seems to have subsided.  Rhys’ favourite things are his new green frog and the caterpillar at Nana and Popa’s house.



Since it was Greyson’s 2.5 year birthday and Tav’s 3 month birthday yesterday and Rhys’ 4 month birthday today we decided to have a birthday party.  Greyson has been really funny lately suddenly exlaiming with shock that it is snowing outside.  It took me a while to figure this one out, but it is because I told him it would be his birthday when we had lots of snow.  I figured he really just wanted cake, so we went to the store yesterday to get the stuff and made a cake.  Then we made baked beans together to go with dinner at Nana and Popa’s house.  Here is a picture of the birthday boys and their cake – note the number of photos, poor Aunt Tara and Nana were trying to snap a good one of everyone, but we’re all so distracting!



I’m not sure what Greyson and Tav are finding show shocking in the photo below, but Tav got over it quickly :)


We also had a pinata, played some baseball, did some construction in the sand box and had a dance party.  Greyson is wearing his new red squeeky sneakers in the photos.  They actually squeek each time he takes a step, it’s cute for now, but we’ll see how long they last :)




Photo credits to Popa, Aunt Tara

Greyson is 2.5 years old

by nicole

Our little boy is 2.5 years old!  For his birthday we rearranged the small room at the end of our upstairs hallway. This will give a place for Greyson to leave his train tracks set up without us tripping over them.  He also has his car mat set up now.  Yes, no clothes – he was dressed at one point today, but it never lasts long.

So what does 2.5 year old Greyson like?  He still likes trains, painting, swimming, monster trucks and Franklin.  He knows his alphabet and numbers.  He loves to run, jump and dance.



by nicole

We took a trip to the butterfly conservatory on Monday.  First Nana painted a butterfly on Greyson’s hand, then we were all ready to go!

We saw lots of butterflies, birds and flowers.  This time we learned that all of the butterflies come in and are “hatched” ( I know that the wrong word, but it’s the best I can do). Rhys as always was bright-eyed and taking everything in.  Tavish had a great time too, he was very interested in all of the plants and butterflies flying around.  Greyson checked out everything (including wanting to go into the little river).





Car Show and Some Laughs

by nicole

It was raining this morning so we had to invent some inside fun, luckily Dada can usually think of lots of fun things to do.  While Rhys was napping, Greyson and Dada built a fort!  After that was all taken down Greyson started playing this game.  You might notice that Greyson isn’t wearing a diaper.  We’ve been potty training over the past three weeks – it’s going really well and it’s so nice to only have one set of diapers to change a day.

Later in the day after the rain stopped, we went to the car show today for Uncle Geoffie.  He was pretty excited, turns out so was Greyson.  He wanted his picture taken beside very specific cars.  I’m not 100% on the reasons – although definitely the yellow one because it was yellow.



When we got home Rhys was hot so Justin got him down to his diaper, then no diaper and he and Greyson played on the floor.  Greyson was being funny and making Rhys laugh, it was too cute.  Greyson even decided to read Rhys a story.  We’ll have to keep these for the future when they’re arguing over a toy and say, look at how much you love each other!!!


Nana and Popa Cam Photos

by nicole

Here are some great photos of Rhys and Tav from Nana and Popa cam.



John Galt Day

by nicole

We had a fun morning downtown back at the splash pad celebrating Galt Day.  We met Mr. Galt himself, splashed a lot, had some lunch, listened to some poetry and singing, watched some highland dancing, made a fish and splashed some more.  Then we headed over to see the historical steam engine 6167 that had recently been moved and restored.  Greyson fell asleep before we got out of the downtown core and we’re all enjoying some air conditioning now.



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