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Rural Romp

by nicole

So with Justin away on a bike trip for the weekend we decided to go out for a rural romp in the country.  Basically a bunch of local farmer had their properties open so we could see where our local food comes from.  We had a great time seeing some grass fed pigs and cows.  Then went to see some elk (which made Rhys smile, see photo) and finally to a bakery for lunch, because we were starving after discussing all of this food!  I’m not sure what Greyson and Aunt Sheri are doing in these photos, but it makes me laugh…  Last photo Greyson is feeding a pig!



Mama’s Birthday

by nicole

So there are a few birthdays at this time of year in our family and today is my turn!  Auntie Sheri made a beautiful fruit cake and everyone dropped by.  After cake Nana and Popa watched the boys so Justin and I could have dinner out together, we had a great time.  We have a video of the best birthday present ever (you can see Popa providing a few prompts, lol)!  Next is Auntie Tara.

More double rainbow

by nicole

OK, so I had a look on the camera and Justin took a few more double rainbow photos… so off topic, but here they are :)


Dance Update and another Grand visit

by nicole

So we were back at it Saturday morning at dance class.  We went early and were able to dance in the room with Mama, Miss Payton and Miss Lauren before class.  Since Greyson was able to be the first child in the circle and could help Miss Payton with the list of names, he decided to stay… hooray!  He made it through the class and LOVED IT!  We’re so happy!  We’re working on recruiting others so Greyson can take a belly dancing class now – anyone interested??

We had visitors today too!  Grand Uncle Steve and his friend Chandra came for a visit.  Rhys slept for the first bit and Greyson HAD to go outside (so much energy!).  Here are a few photos.  While they were visiting we had a double rainbow… LOL.



Rhys is 5 months old

by nicole

Here we are again, another month gone and Rhys is already five months old.  So let’s take some time to get to know our newest little man a little better.  I realized I posted early on that his eyes were grey, but they’ve ended up a beautiful blue colour.  His hair is pretty blonde with some red (yes, Grandma saw it right away, so did our midwife Carol ;)), his eyelashes are long and pretty red, so we’ll see where his hair colour ends up!  He has pretty visible eyebrows, they’re a brownish blonde.  He has two teeth, can basically sit on his own (although his desire to get things usually ends in him falling over) and can scoot backwards pretty efficiently.  He knows his name and loves to exclaim bababa and will say gully when my finger is in his mouth (gully was and still is one of Greyson’s favourite things to say so we know where he heard that first).  He can nearly crawl, he’s getting his legs under him pretty well and he really, really wants to crawl.  Rhys loves his green squeeky frog, Sophie, the orbit looking rattle Nana D bought for him and the yellow teether.  He is a charmer, smiling at everyone and he likes to laugh at people more than at things right now.  He thinks his Dada’s hair is funny (he’s not wrong) and he loves to take off my glasses.  He falls alseep pretty easily most of the time.  He generally falls asleep between 7:30-8pm and wakes up around 6:30 am (or 5 am or 4 am, whatever).  He is up a couple to several times a night, sometimes to eat, sometimes to hang out, sometimes to make cute cooing sounds.  He naps 3-5 times a day, give or take one or two naps.  His diet is still pretty boring, but he is so interested in us eating, it’s a good thing he should be ready to broaden his horizons soon on that front.  His nicknames include Rhysie, Rhysie-Rhys, Rhyses pieces (Popa), Bubbles (Aunt Tara) and of course baby Rhys.

Our safari adventure

by nicole

For Christmas Auntie Erin gave us a great gift, a day at the safari!  Since the weather was so great we packed up and headed out to see some safari animals.  Greyson was especially excited to see elephants (he says elphalants).  Here he is ready to get on the bus (I think he was more excited about the bus ride) and both boys ready to start the bus tour.


We saw lions, a baboon peeing on an SUV, zebras, there was an ostrich that was very interested in looking at baby Rhys through the window (or he was staring at his own reflection), giraffes (Greyson really liked the giraffes and kept saying, we should go over and see them), rhinos and more!



Rhys was amazing on the bus tour, it was pretty long and he just looked out of the window most of the time checking everything out.

As we were getting off the bus we saw the elephants swimming in the lake, we followed them over and Greyson really wanted to go for a ride.  I was surprised, he wasn’t scared at all.  He felt the elephants hair and said that the elephant felt strong.



We found the rest of the elephants and then took the boat tour to see the primates.  Greyson was excited to see the lemurs since they are the same as his stuffed Abo.  Both boys were asleep 3 minutes into our car ride home.


Of course after a good nap, Greyson was ready for more time on his backhoe with a new addition!


A not so fun, then fun day

by nicole

So today started off not too fun.  We had our first dance class, that Greyson was pretty excited about.  He got all dressed in his uniform and I took him over (Rhys was sleeping, so he and Dada hung out at home).  We got his shoes on, he finished eating his snack and then there was a sudden and surprising time to line up and the kids were whisked into the class.  Greyson kind of got caught up in that, but not really, he wanted me with him.  They have a strict (and I mean your bun is not tight enough strict) policy against parents in the class so we hung out in the hall.  At one point Greyson decided yep, I’ll try it, he was then taken by the hand, marched into the class only to come back to me in tears…  I’m sure they’ve been doing it this way for years, and maybe it works really well, but, wow… anyways, we stayed in the hall for the whole class with me trying to convince Greyson it was more fun on the other side of the door than in the hallway.  Finally we gave up, we’ll try again next week.  Here he is all ready for class.

So, after all of that drama, we needed some fun with Nana and Popa. So off we went to take the train from Waterloo to St. Jacobs.  It was super fun.  The train coach was very old and Greyson loved having his window open.  Rhys really enjoyed looking out his window at the world go by (I don’t think he can see much from his car seat, so this was probably all new to him).  We had a nice lunch in St. Jacob’s and then took the train back home.  Here are some photos (Popa was especially photogenic today :)).






by nicole

Greyson had his very first day of soccer today!  Ethan is taking soccer with Greyson so Blair and Justin hung out on the field helping and Leanne and I got to hang out with Norah and Rhys.  First they got their uniforms – so cute!  Then they started with stretching, then some ball handling, kicking and finally Greyson got to score a goal!  You can see how excited he is in the picture!  Greyson listened so well and was able to do most of the ball handling really well.  Finally they got stamps – Greyson had is belly out and ready, just like at gym.



Grand Visitors

by nicole

Rhys met his Grand Aunt Mayla and Grand Uncle Uwe this weekened.  They came for a visit with Nana D and Erin.  Greyson showed off his backhoe and grass cutting skills and Rhys smiled at everyone.


World Record

by nicole

Greyson often amazes us, but this weekend he really amazed us.  Auntie Sheri found an opportunity for us to volunteer packing famine relief packs at the university.  The event was part of orientation week with the goal to set a world record packing the most relief kits in one hour.  We were really happy to have Greyson participate in a volunteer opportunity and he was fantastic.  He packed for a full 30 minutes, mainly due to Auntie Tara who makes everything fun for Greyson (even waiting to get started she had her Blackberry playing music and they were dancing) – that is an amazing attention span for his age.  Rhys was in the Ergo carrier and fell asleep a few minutes into the start of packing, but woke up before the end.  Tavish slept in the stroller through the whole thing – even with the loud music playing, cheering and shouting.  So we beat the old world record by far, packing 300,000 relief kits, when the target was 200,000 – in fact we had to stop early because we packed up ALL of the rice in the building!  The relief kits will be sent to Mauritania in West Africa, currently experiencing a drought and a very poor country.  On our way out, Greyson was a lucky boy and got to sit inside the forklift tractor moving the skids of food to the transport trucks nearby.  Here are some pictures, like the hair nets?






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