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The boys

by nicole

We have a very talented family, unfortunately none of the artistic genes seem to have surfaced in Justin or I… but we still enjoy benefitting from those around us. My Aunt Judy lives in northern Alberta (way north, I know Greyson and I have been there) and she decided to try painting portraits. She used a photo of Greyson as a model and well her try is this gorgeous painting. I’ve included the photo she used, from Aunt Tara’s wedding, this is just before the ceremony when Greyson was just waking up from his nap.



And here are some smiley pictures of Rhys. He seems to have a bit of a cold/flu and is not feeling well right now, I hope he’ll be back to these smiles again soon.

20121030-203225.jpg 20121030-203238.jpg

20121030-203256.jpg 20121030-203307.jpg

Twilight Zoo

by nicole

We had a great day today. Since it was a PD day Popa and Auntie Tara were off all day. And crazy Uncle Geoffie decided to stay up all day so we had lots of company. This is a good thing since I was VERY tired (and maybe a little grumpy). We all met at the airport for breakfast and today we saw a plane take off!!!! Hooray, on our fourth try we finally got the bonus of aviation (the food makes it totally worth going anyway). After that we drove to a nearby town for what is called Twilight Zoo. It is basically many sculptures of Halloween figures. They light up at night, but since this would be past our bedtime we saw them in the day (which was also much less scary). After that we had lunch at a creperie (I’ve included a pic of Popa’s skills cutting his crepe and holding Rhys who was finally sleeping).


20121026-214123.jpg 20121026-214134.jpg

20121026-214156.jpg 20121026-214205.jpg

20121027-103617.jpg 20121027-103625.jpg


Six Month Check up

by nicole

Rhys had his 6 month check up this week. First his stats: he is 18.9 lbs (so basically 19 lbs) and is 27.5 inches. He is at the 75th percentile for weight and the 90th percentile for length. So he is doing very well. He is exceeding all of his developmental milestones. And he had lots of smiles for the doctor and nurse. He seemed a little out of sorts today, maybe just his immunizations, but overall he’s still his same old happy self :)

So what can Rhys do? He is a proficient commando crawler (dragging his belly with his arms pulling and legs pushing), he can sit up on his own, he bangs his hands on everything, he passes objects from one hand to the other, he knows the path to his mouth very well and puts everything in there. He says Moma and looks right at me, but also says Da and looks at me too :) He LOVES his brother and gets excited and kicks his legs when Greyson dances for him.

A new place to hang out

by nicole

With winter coming we’ve been looking for fun indoor stuff to do. Auntie Sheri found a great one that we tried out yesterday. It is basically a huge indoor soccer field with walking track around the outside. A few days a week they admit kids with their parents and have a bunch of toys to play with on this indoor field. Funny thing is there is artificial dirt in with the artificial grass so we ended up covered in fake dirt, haha. It was super fun, especially when they started playing music and Greyson could dance!

20121025-201204.jpg 20121025-201222.jpg

20121025-201232.jpg 20121025-201243.jpg


The Leaves!

by nicole

Auntie Sheri is super fun. She thinks of fun stuff to do with Greyson all the time. Yesterday they raked up the leaves into a big pile on the lawn and Greyson jumped in them. Then when we realized Auntie Tara was on her way over, Greyson hid in the leaves and jumped out to say surprise!!! Rhys was not so much a fan of playing in the leaves. As soon as his feet touched them he started crying!!! I have no idea why!

20121023-203940.jpg 20121023-203953.jpg

20121023-204154.jpg 20121023-204208.jpg


Pioneer Village

by nicole

On Friday we went to a pioneer village. We had a great time. Greyson really enjoyed the blacksmith. He watched really intently when the blacksmith was hammering. We had great weather. Rhys and Tav both enjoyed naps and some time looking around.

20121021-210034.jpg 20121021-210058.jpg

20121021-210116.jpg 20121021-210130.jpg

20121021-210149.jpg 20121021-210214.jpg

Breakfast at the Airport

by nicole

Justin has updated our technology base significantly by adding an iPad and iPhones into the household. So this has required some learning on my part and so figuring out how to post on the blog was part of that so here it is – the first iPost :) We met up with the gang for breakfast at the airport this morning. It was fun to walk around after and have a peek at the airplanes!

20121019-214014.jpg 20121019-214037.jpg


by nicole

So Justin (correctly) gives me a hard time about my over planning.  So this weekend was no exception, but I was determined to be so organized he wouldn’t notice, hahah.  Since Justin has to travel for work he had Friday off instead of Monday.  So after some Thanksgiving/Aunt Tara birthday baking we went to the pool for a swim.  The boys all loved it.  Rhys splashed for nearly an hour!  Tav kicked like crazy and Greyson stayed in the pool the longest and practiced his swiming with his Dada.  This is definitely something we’ll do again.  Saturday morning Greyson went to dance and went into the class all by himself – success!  Right after that we drove out to the Fall Fair.  Greyson loved the fire trucks (including spraying the fire hose), tractors and saw the animals for a few seconds… There was a remote control car right beside the animals so it was hard to convince him that we’d seen the remote control car drive up the ramp enough…  Nana D made Greyson some french fries too, which he thought was pretty cool (she was working at a service club booth).  Rhys and Tav both had a good sleep but woke up for long enough to have a good look around.




After our fair fun, we drove out to Auntie Carols for Thanksgiving dinner.  We had a great meal and a good visit with family.  Greyson especially loves my cousin Emily, who is really great with him.  They had a good time playing together.  Greyson decided he wanted to dance and the only one he wanted to dance with him was Val-a-lee :).  After we finished dinner Greyson said to me “we just had Thanksgiving!”.



Today we hosted Justin’s family at our place.  Nana and Popa came over bright and early and took Greyson out for a much more fun day than he would have had with us trying to get everything ready.  He saw airplanes!!!  We had a great dinner with Justin’s family, including a special guest Justin’s cousin who is going to school right now in Toronto, but is from BC.  Greyson got to play with his Auntie Erin (Er-win), who he totally loves.  Belive it or not, everything is already cleaned up – see I was organized!

First Foods

by nicole

Today was a big day – Rhys had his first taste of solid food (well, semi solid for now).  We’re going to try baby lead weaning (UK term for letting the baby feed itself more than shovelling spoonfuls in to their mouth) along with the traditional spoon shovelling.  So we started off with a very soft pear that I’d been saving from Greyson (who currently ONLY wants to eat pears).


You can see Rhys has it in his mouth and he did chomp a bit and I think even gum and swallow it.

Next we tried some butternut squash with lots of breastmilk added.  Rhys helped with the spoon so I guess it was still baby lead.  Rhys ate way more than we’d expected, and was even grabbing for more pears at the end.


Finally, here is a picture of what Rhys has to look forward to, Uncle Robbie cleaning out my mixing bowl of peanut butter icing (left overs from Auntie Tara’s birthday cake).


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