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Made it to the parade

by nicole

We went back home to the Santa Claus parade this weekend.  It was fun.  After Greyson finally woke up from his nap we met Nana D at the parade route.  It was COLD today so we had him all bundled up in his carseat to try to keep him the warmest.  Here are some pictures of the Greyson watching the parade and the floats.  His reaction to Santa was about the same as everything else…see the last picture.  The cool thing is that Justin attended this parade, many years ago, as his first Santa Claus parade too!




2 Responses to “Made it to the parade”

  1. Nana D says:

    Thank you so much for making the effort to attend Erin’s little Santa Claus parade. It was so special to have Greyson there and be able to show him off, as well as his wonderful Mom and Dad.

  2. justin says:

    It was lots of fun! It was nice to get back and see the home-town parade. I think Greyson had lots of fun too!


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