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A bouncing toddler

by nicole

Greyson LOVES playing with his Nana, Popa and Auntie Tara, this video is a perfect example of why.  He spent 2 hours one day doing this.  Check out those muscles!


4 Responses to “A bouncing toddler”

  1. Kimberly Irving says:

    we have been missing the blogging. hope all is well.

  2. Kebon says:

    I now feel very camel spider pepearrd. Cause, you know, that stuff’s important to know.And yes, I did click on that picture and enlarge it until I could read the names. Because I truly can’t resist not knowing secrets.It’s a curse.

  3. This is exactly how it should be!!Family time does not mean only watching TV together.There is so much that a family can do together.Kudos to you for resisting the temptation

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