The latest happenings of Greyson and Rhys


by nicole

We had a fun Halloween this year!  During the day Greyson was a zombie!  Popa got a good picture of the zombie eating lunch!  Then with Nana and Popa we carved Greyson’s pumpkin.  He wasn’t too keen on touching the seeds and pumpkin guts so Mama got to do most of that.  With a spoon Greyson did scoop out some seeds.  He told Dada that he wanted the pumpkin to have a happy face, so Justin did his best :)




After the pumpkin was ready Greyson got dressed in his costume and headed out to trick or treat!  We went to visit the neighbours who know Greyson.  Everyone was happy to see him and he really enjoyed getting candy (when did he learn that word???).  We even did a few extra houses! 


Then we stopped in for a visit at Auntie Erin’s house!

Next we went to Auntie Sheri’s house to see Auntie Sheri, Uncle Robbie, Geoffie, Aunt Tara, Nana and Popa (Auntie Sheri gets more kids than anyone else).  Greyson gave out some candy to kids.  And sat on the stairs with the big boys.  He liked Auntie Sheri’s smiley pumpkin too!


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