The latest happenings of Greyson and Rhys

New Friends from Arkansas

by nicole

A friend of ours from Arkansas is up visiting family now and we had a great visit together.  She has three adorable kids and Greyson really enjoyed playing with them.  We all met up at Nana and Popas so everyone could go swimming.  My mom and dad were so great and took the bigger kids in the pool so Ambre and I could get caught up.  Greyson really enjoyed playing with Owen and Addyson.  Ethan and Rhys spent some quality time together too.  Ethan is just starting to walk and after seeing him Rhys is much more interested in standing and was even moving his feet with Justin today.  After the kids swam, they headed up the hill to Greysons house.  They were all happy to play up there together, everyone took turns cutting the grass, weed wacking and making tea.  Then lunch and some time on the bikes and trikes we had craft/music/dancing/jumping time in the basement.  Greyson had a great nap after all of that.  We met up again on Friday at the splash park, but I forgot my camera so no photos of that, but they had a great time.  Greyson loves laying on his belly in the middle of the little pond.  I know Greyson has a friend for life after seeing him and Owen jumping off of a big rock together.  Hopefully their friendship will be as great as Ambre and I :)





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