The latest happenings of Greyson and Rhys

Our Parenting Experiment

by nicole

Justin and I talk all the time about how Greyson is our parenting experiment.  We do our best to set up some sort of plan, but it rarely works out how we expect.  Getting Greyson to sleep has always been an issue.  The little guy just doesn’t want to sleep, ever, no matter what.  So I was kind of excited by the idea that we might be able to cut out his afternoon nap, which is a battle, always.  Saturday, no nap, no problem, Sunday, same thing.  Then today, no nap and some excitement going to the lolly pop store (aka Costco) today with his Aunties, Tav, Nana and Popa.  The result can be seen in his dinner time display of just how tired he is…

He insisted on sitting on Justin’s knee to eat and since it was one of his favourites (noodles and white cheese (aka parmesan)) he wasn’t going to leave the table.  He perked up after this and had some quality water table time, followed by a bike ride with Justin before a very, very fast bed time (yep, it’s before 9pm and both boys are asleep again).

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