The latest happenings of Greyson and Rhys

Water Babies

by nicole

We have a new morning routine of heading outside (usually before 8am) so Greyson can do some lawning.  This involves all of his outdoor tools and the backhoe!  On Wednesday we visited with Auntie Theresa and Valerie (Greyson pronounces Val-a-lee, too cute).  They had a great visit and were introduced to Tav.



Saturday we went to the farmers market in the morning and met Auntie Erin and Abby, then headed over to the new splash pad downtown and met up with Uncle Jameson too.  The splash pad is great!  Greyson loved it, it’s huge and the fountains go off randomly.  Here are some photos including one of Greyson “sleeping” at the splash pad.  That’s his new favourite game, pretending to be asleep.



Sunday we went to the splash pad near our house.  It as pretty much empty so Greyson had the run of the place!  Rhys even enjoyed splashing.



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