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Tree! Lights!

by nicole

Justin and I remember so clearly Greyson coming down last year to see the lit Christmas tree and saying “Tree, Lights” this was just as he was really starting to talk. Well this year when Greyson came down Sunday morning to find the lit tree we heard a lot more!!! But he started with “look at the lights on the tree” :) After we were done he informed us we had “done a pretty good job”, thanks you’ll make a great manager some day, hahah. Rhys seems to think we are all insane, but he hung out to watch what we were up to pretty closely. The tree has been up for two days and he hasn’t tried to pull himself up on it yet… Here are some photos of the Detlor family Christmas tree being decorated.

20121126-210729.jpg 20121126-210749.jpg

20121126-210758.jpg 20121126-210812.jpg

20121126-210824.jpg 20121126-210832.jpg

20121126-210846.jpg 20121126-210901.jpg

20121126-210914.jpg 20121126-210922.jpg

One Response to “Tree! Lights!”

  1. Auntie Judy says:

    It all looks like so much fun. Such an exciting time of the year!

    We will certainly miss seeing everyone at Christmas.

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