The latest happenings of Greyson and Rhys

Bath time conversations with Greyson

by nicole

Greyson: It splashed on top of the boards because of the angle.

Mama: Greyson do you have to poop (he made his poop face)
Greyson: nope I’m just making my bum muscles poop

Greyson: We are trying to make a bird bath
Dada: why?
Greyson: I’m all done talking
Greyson: but the wrecker couldn’t wreck the birds.
Greyson: so if the water sprays up
On the boards on an angle it will wreck the toilet
Mama: isn’t that a bad idea
Greyson: no it will wreck it

One Response to “Bath time conversations with Greyson”

  1. Nana D says:

    I love communicating with Greyson. It’s so interesting to hear what he’s thinking!

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