The latest happenings of Greyson and Rhys

Greyson’s Sense of Humour

by nicole

I’ve been noticing lately that Greyson has a definite sense of humour.  He doesn’t find too many “things” funny.  He’s only once laughed at a toy (although that was the first time he laughed with that funny belly laugh), but he is always laughing at people and the faces they make for him.  He also seems to find it funny to be swung around (pretty quickly too for maximum effect).  A good example is this morning we had breakfast with the M&M ladies, we didn’t bring any toys in with us and we didn’t need to, for entertainment he just laughed and laughed at everyone making faces for him.  I wonder if that is a predictor of some sort of future behaviour?  Here is another picture from his 4 month birthday yesterday :)

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